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This one's for all you coffee fiends out there, we've taken a closer look at just some of the best coffees on the Gold Coast. I have to stress, there are loads of great cafe's out there, and lots that make muddy dishwater too. Inspired by the movie 'Coffee and Cigarettes' we simply chose 11 venues that the team here at Merge know make a great coffee consistently.

The thing about coffee is it's such a subjective thing. Everyone has different tastes, and will like different brands, blends, preparation and types of venue. The reviews are written from the perspective of an individual writer, and yep, one writer's favourite is not necessarily another's. So this Supp is designed to give you an idea of the type of venue, the feel of the place and of course, the coffee, so you can get out there and find your favourite.

As Antony Forbutt from Crema Espresso says, "...a great coffee starts with high quality beans, and every step of the process is just as important as the one before". Like wine, different blends of coffee all have different flavour profiles and the roasting process has to be exact every time. Like a lamb roast, coffee beans can be overcooked or undercooked, and from this point, everything from the machinery, barista and brand of milk has to be closely controlled. Consistency is key.

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If you're on the hunt for a favourite coffee spot, we highly recommend you try every single one of these.

Hard CoffeeKirramisuQuest Coffee RoastersVoilaCrema EspressoLittle St KildaCoffee SistersLittle BeansVintage EspressoBumblesLittle Lido

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