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What Are The Benefits Of A Shopify Website?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets you create and manage your own online store. It's affordable, easy to use, and has a wide range of integrations with other services.

Easily Track Orders

Shopify's order management system allows you to see all of your orders in one place, so that you can easily keep track of them and see how many are still outstanding.

Rank Higer on Search Engines

We know how to optimise your website, using advanced an SEO strategy, to help your business get to the top of Google.

Designed To Maximise Sales

Our web designers are always looking for ways to enhance your website’s performance. We will continue to track and analyse how your customers engage with your website to ensure it is always improving and evolving as your customers change.

Mobile Responsive Design

Shopify websites are designed with mobile responsive user experience in mind. This helps improve performance from audiences on tablets and mobile devices.

Manage Shopify On The Go

Shopify stores can be managed on the go, giving you more time to focus on your customers and less time worrying about your store. You can access your Shopify store from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.

Easily Update Your Shopify Design

Shopify makes it easy to tweak your website design by offering a range of templates and easy-to-use tools.

Why Choose Merge For Your Shopify Website?

We've helped hundreds of businesses across Australia grow traffic, boost enquiries and generate sales through high quality website development.

High-performance Shopify website development is the key to getting your company off the ground.

When you’re starting a business, you want to be able to get your brand out there as quickly as possible. And while this can be done with a simple website that doesn’t require huge amounts of time or money, it’s not going to be able to hold up against competitors who have high-performance websites.

A high-performance Shopify website development strategy is going to make your site more reliable, giving you an edge over other companies that don’t have these features in place. Your customers will appreciate being able to find the information they need without having to go through multiple pages or wait for pages to load. They’ll also feel like their questions are being answered faster and more accurately because there won’t be any extraneous information getting in the way of what they’re looking for.

Our experienced Shopify website designers have built hundreds of quality websites for Australia’s leading brands. We know that your website is the foundation of your business, so we treat it as such. We’re a team of passionate professionals who are committed to building a website that will get you noticed online and help you grow.

Our team of search engine specialists can upgrade your website to improve your search ranking for important keywords related to your product and service.

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your online business. If you’re not found on Google, then you’re going to lose sales.

Our Shopify SEO experts are here to help you optimise your site so that it can rank higher in search results and drive more traffic. We’ve got a proven track record of helping companies get found on Google and increase their sales, and we know how to do it for your business too!

We have experience running digital marketing campaigns to help drive sales for Shopify websites. Our team is made up of experts in the field who can help you increase your revenue by getting your brand in front of the right people at the right time. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and then put together a strategy that leverages our deep expertise in digital marketing to reach those goals.

We have a proven track record of delivering Shopify websites on time and within budget for our clients.

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Shopify Website Development Portfolio

A sample of our high-converting Shopify websites built by our expert team.

Case Studies & Results

A sample of our results from digital marketing campaigns across Australia.

How We Generated 500k Impressions In 14 Days

An integrated content strategy combined landing page design, editorial copywriting, email marketing and a targeted social media campaign to generate database members and user engagement for Your Local Fruit Shop.








2,020+ Instagram Likes In 9 Days For This Brewery

With 320 days of scorching summer, Townsville needed a place to make big beers that quench an endless thirst. To support the launch of Tiny Mountain Brewing, we put together a targeted social media strategy to position this brand for long term success.









2+ Million Ad Views For Colonial Brewing Co

We joined forces with Greenpoint Media to execute a powerful brand campaign for Colonial Brewing Co.

We designed a digital amplification strategy across social media networks and display networks to maximise their brand awareness throughout summer.

The campaign blitzed a wide range of industry benchmarks and provided the brand with enormous exposure to new and existing audiences.





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Ecommerce Website Developers Trusted By 300+ Brands

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform that allows you to sell products online and manage your business from a single location. It’s easy to use, secure, and reliable. It’s been the industry leader for years and has built up a loyal following of users around the world.

If you’re looking for an ecommerce platform to help you start selling online or take your existing business to the next level, Shopify is an excellent choice. But as with any software solution, it does require some time and effort to set up properly. You also need some technical know-how in order to maintain it once it’s up and running.

That’s where we come in! We’re Australia’s leading Shopify experts with over 20 years experience working with small businesses just like yours. We can help you get started with your first store, migrate from another platform into Shopify or make changes to your existing store so that it works better for your customers.

A good Shopify website is crucial to attracting customers. It needs to be well designed, visually appealing and user-friendly in order to create the best possible experience for your customer when interacting with your business online.

As Australia’s best Shopify website developer, we’ve built over 1,000 websites for companies in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide & More. 

Our team has experience with SEO for ecommerce websites and a proven track record of page 1 rankings.

Speak to an expert Shopify web developer about how we can design a beautiful website to help you sell more products online.

Shopify FAQ

Got a question about Shopify websites that you need answered? Check out our frequently asked questions, or click the button below to ask a member of our team.

Building a Shopify store can be done in as little as two weeks. For more complex websites that have more products, it could take four to six weeks.

We have built hundreds of stores for our clients and we know that the time spent building a store is always dictated by the number of products you are looking to sell. The more products you have, the longer it will take to build your store.

There’s no limit to the number of products you can upload to your Shopify store. That’s because Shopify stores are designed with scalability in mind, so they can handle online stores with as many products as you need.

However, if you have a lot of products, that means managing your business will be more complex and time-intensive. That’s why we recommend starting out with fewer than 50 products and then adding more over time if needed.

Shopify has three tiers of pricing: Basic, Shopify, and Advanced. Basic is free for 14 days and then costs $29 per month with a 12-month commitment, while Shopify costs $79 per month with a 12-month commitment. Advanced costs $299 per month with no commitment.

Yes, Shopify can integrate with your accounting or inventory management software. You can integrate your Shopify store with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online and you can also sync it with NetSuite.

Shopify also has a wide range of third-party apps that help you manage your business and make it easier to run online.

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