How Has COVID-19 Affected Legal Search Terms?

How Has COVID-19 Affected The Legal Industry?

We’ve put together a range of digital marketing ideas for family law firms, commercial lawyers and litigation specialists.

COVID-19 has forced many law firms to rethink their digital marketing strategy.
We’ve been busy researching trends and exploring opportunities to help law firms leverage the changes in consumer search behaviour from the recent lockdowns.

It’s Time To Review Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With the ever-changing landscape we now find ourselves in, it’s time to be smart about your digital marketing strategy. While some businesses in Australia servicing ‘essential needs’ are continuing to be prosperous, some businesses are also seeing significant drops in performance – all of which has occurred in the space of a few weeks.

Our data indicates that demand for some legal services through Google search has increased due to COVID-19. It’s also important to note that the behaviour and intent of consumers has changed, as users are spending more time in the ‘research’ phase.

Now is not the time to reduce your digital marketing spend during COVID-19. 

We hope the insights below help to inspire your digital marketing strategy throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

Google Search Trend: “Family Lawyers”

Google Search Trend: “Family Law Firm”

Google Search Trend: “Family Solicitor”

Google Search Trend: “Divorce Lawyers”

Google Search Trend: “Bankruptcy Lawyers”

Google Search Trend: “Debt Recovery”

Search Trend: “Debt Lawyers”

Google Search Trend: “Litigation Lawyer”

Google Search Trend: “Defamation Lawyer”

Google Search Trend: “Insurance Lawyer”

Google Search Trend:
“Franchise Law”

Google Search Trend: “Commercial Lawyers”

Speak To An Expert About Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

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