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SEO For Law Firms

How Has COVID-19 Affected The Legal Industry?

We’ve put together a range of SEO ideas for family law firms, commercial lawyers and litigation specialists.

COVID-19 has forced many law firms to rethink their SEO strategy.

We’ve been busy researching trends and exploring opportunities to help law firms leverage the changes in consumer search behaviour from the recent lockdowns.

It’s Time To Review Your Law Firm’s SEO Strategy

With the ever-changing landscape we now find ourselves in, it’s time to be smart about your digital marketing strategy. While some businesses in Australia servicing ‘essential needs’ are continuing to be prosperous, some businesses are also seeing significant drops in performance – all of which has occurred in the space of a few weeks.

Our data indicates that demand for some legal services through Google search has increased due to COVID-19. It’s also important to note that the behaviour and intent of consumers has changed, as users are spending more time in the ‘research’ phase.

Now is not the time to reduce your digital marketing spend during COVID-19.

We hope the insights below help to inspire your digital marketing strategy throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

SEO For Lawyers: Get More Bookings Through Google​

Law Firms find search engine optimisation, like any other form of online marketing, to be an essential part of their marketing strategy. When their rankings start to slip while their competitors rise, they know it’s time to get the help of an experienced SEO agency.

Understanding how people find lawyer is crucial to this success, especially as competition increases. SEO is one key way that traveler’s discover your Law Firm and make that reservation, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. This guide will walk you through practical SEO strategies that can help lawyers gain more visibility online and ensure that people have a stellar experience at your firm.

Here are some useful tips to help you hire top-quality SEO consultants for your law firm or solicitor practice.

SEO For Lawyers

#1 SEO Tip For Lawyers: Keyword Research​

Attracting customers to your law firm’s website requires that you select the right keywords. Once you have found your perfect keywords, focus on creating content that is well-written and informative. Achieving a high ranking on the search engines requires an SEO strategy that encompasses both onsite and offsite strategies for achieving high rankings on the major search engines.

Keyword research tools like KeywordsFX, Keyword Tool, and Answer the Public are great because they are based on actual search data. And they can help you uncover keywords and phrases people search online to find your legal practice.

SEO For Lawyers

#2 SEO Tip For Law Firms: Create Your SEO Strategy

A well-crafted content strategy can help you drive traffic to your business’s website. This SEO content strategy template includes strategies, templates and samples of content that may help you in your own marketing efforts.

If you want your site to succeed, you need to be thinking about two things:

  • creating and publishing unique, helpful content 
  • positioning your company as a leader in your field.

If you have a blog, make sure to update it regularly with industry news, helpful information, and the latest company news. Giving readers the inside scoop is an effective way to keep them engaged on your site and give them something interesting to look at.

SEO For Lawyers

#3 SEO Tip For Lawyers: Place Keywords In Headings

A great headline will capture your visitors’ attention and convince them to read more. The words you use before and after the headline should appeal to your target audience. Keywords that are relevant to your niche should be sprinkled throughout the body of the post in order to attract search engines and help encourage clicks to your site.

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