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How Can Brisbane's SEO Experts Help You?

When you don’t rank well in search engines, it’s as if you don’t exist. If you need to improve your presence online, get in touch with one of the top rated Brisbane SEO agencies.

SEO Strategy

We will develop a unique SEO strategy for your website by finding target keywords, measuring your search engine rankings, visits, engagement and conversions.

Website Optimisation

We know how to optimise your site using strategy and innovation to improve keyword rankings to help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Quality Content

Engaging, keyword rich content will be developed by our team of SEO copywriters to generate traffic and sales from search engines

SEO Reporting

Our SEO experts analyse data and make recommendations to ensure website’s keyword rankings are constantly improving. 

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Our SEO Results Speak For Themselves

Meet Brisbane's SEO Experts You Can Trust

If you don’t rank on page one of popular search engines such as Google, you are essentially invisible. As a top rated Brisbane SEO agency, we can help improve your website’s keyword rankings and connect your business with potential customers through major search engines.

Our SEO services include:

  • Local SEO
  • Content creation & SEO Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Search engine marketing
  • Technical optimisation
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • SEO Reporting

We know how to optimise your website, using advanced SEO marketing strategy and innovation while staying within Google’s guidelines and ensuring your site avoids penalisation. 

SEO Link Building

We provide value-added link building services for small to medium-sized businesses. We build high-quality, editorial backlinks that align with your company’s branding and positioning. Our work has earned us a reputation for being the best at what we do.

SEO Audits

SEO Audits give you peace of mind that your website is properly optimised for search engines. Our audit services help ensure optimal performance for your website or blog, and we go the extra mile to provide you with detailed reports and actionable insights.

SEO & CRO Consulting

We provide everything needed for success: from strategic advice on blogging, social media and video marketing tools – everything is at our disposal in order to generate as much organic traffic as possible.

Keyword Ranking

Keyword ranking is one of the key factors in ranking a website. Our SEO keyword ranking services are designed to help you improve your search engine marketing campaign by ensuring that the keywords you are targeting are those most likely to visit your website.

SEO Tips For Your Business

Grow Your Business With Local SEO Services Brisbane

Having a strong online presence is a big deal in today’s competitive business world. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a brick and mortar business or running an internet-only shop – if people can’t find you, they won’t buy from you. And the best way to get your products and services in front of potential customers is through Google, Bing, and the other search engines. Getting found online is vital because it creates opportunities for leads and sales. We provide the tools you need to rank above your competition for relevant searches, which means better quality leads and increased sales. Our team of experienced Brisbane SEO specialists will devise a tailored strategy for your unique business and industry that involves analysing your target market, current campaign progress, current page performance, competitor activity, and more.

Restaurants, Bars & Hospitality

We specialise in SEO for restaurants, bars & the hospitality industry. Our campaigns are designed to improve your venue’s visibility across search engines and drive more bookings and reservations each month.

Plumbers, Electricians & Tradesman

We help plumbing and trade services improve their online marketing presence and generate more leads through organic search engine optimisation (SEO). Our services include on-page keyword optimisation, backlink building and overall strategy for local businesses.

Software As A Service (Saas)

SEO For SaaS companies involves a comprehensive analysis of the technology and various tactics used to successfully market software products online.

Accommodation, Travel & Hotel

Our SEO services are designed for hoteliers to increase their online visibility, enhance their exposure to more prospective travellers, attract more bookings and increase revenues.

Health & Fitness

The industry is full of choices when it comes to Brisbane SEO for gyms and health facilities. We team are experts within this industry and can help to power your business to the top of Google’s search engine.

Legal Services

We focus on delivering quick, substantial results for law practitioners. All SEO services are provided with our quality control measures and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Accounting & Finance

With the right Brisbane SEO agency any accountant or financial service can beat the competition. We are an SEO company that specialises in accountants rankings and have a range of advanced methods on hand to combat your competition.

Events, Functions & Weddings

Whether you are a business owner with a single venue or an industry professional with multiple properties, we will help you reach more brides and generate more bookings.

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A Brisbane SEO Agency With An Experienced Team

We are a Brisbane based SEO company passionate about digital marketing, especially search engine optimisation. With a team of experienced SEO consultants, we have a strong track record that shows our dedication to providing our clients with the best services possible. Our proven SEO techniques can help you dominate your competition online and bring in a steady stream of organic leads so you can focus on what you know better than anyone – your business.

At Merge we take the time to understand your goals and what your customers want. The result is a well-informed and refined SEO campaign that will bring success to your business. For over 15 years, we’ve helped local, national and international businesses succeed with their online marketing. We take the time to get to know your business so we can give you a personalised something that will deliver fast results and grow your bottom line.

As Brisbane SEO specialists, our goal is to develop a sustainable search engine optimisation strategy for your business. We use the most up-to-date digital marketing strategies based on data collected from Brisbane businesses that have already utilised these strategies. Our strategies are tailored to suit your online requirements and our processes aim to deliver long-term results that will improve your organic web traffic.

We’ve spent years testing and improving our methods to bring you an effective, efficient and hassle-free SEO service. We use the latest technology to rank websites on search engines as well as educate on how you can improve your site’s performance using best practice techniques. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means we’re here for the long haul – so rest assured your business will be in safe hands.

SEO has changed a lot since we first started out. Keywords are more important than ever, and getting your business found online is now a real challenge. We’re obsessed with results. Our mission is to constantly test, learn and improve our methods, in order to help you reach your goals faster. With offices around the world, we have excellent local knowledge and access to the best recovery systems in the industry. We’ll find a solution that’s right for you.

We get results. We have worked on a wide range of clients and we consistently deliver results that are unmatched in the industry. Our search engine optimization team is made up of some of the best SEO experts in the country and our support staff has been handpicked for their technical knowledge, creative thinking, and ability to communicate with clients on a wide range of levels. We strive to give our clients not only the most effective solutions, but also exceptional service. 15 years of experience brings expertise that can’t be beat. You won’t find another firm with our depth of knowledge in pay per click, on-site optimisation & link building.

We examine keyword rankings, crawlability and website speed to ensure that you can leverage the best of the search engines.

Creating a search engine optimization content strategy requires a basic understanding of both your target audience and your end goal.

Our team will provide you with clear steps on how to create your SEO content strategy. Through this process you will learn how to: clarify organisational goals for content, identify voice and tone of an organisation, establish objectives for information architecture, and determine targeted keywords .

Our analysts will work with you to create the perfect solution for your business using the latest tools. We tap into a wealth of data to make our decisions, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

We’ll forecast the qualified leads and ROI that you can expect, as well as your investment and the KPIs involved to get you there.

Our Incredible SEO Results

How We Grew This Events Company's Organic Traffic By 379%

Our team of Brisbane SEO Experts put together a strategy to help this events company improve traffic and keyword rankings across major search engines. 

Our strategy involved researching a list of primary and secondary keywords across the events niche. These keywords were mapped to main pages across the website, then the content was optimised to help improve the relevancy of the pages. 

Over the course of 3 months, traffic from Google search increased by 379%


What's The Best SEO Strategy For Local Brisbane Businesses?

Not every search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is created equal. Some companies will cut corners by doing what it takes to get you on the first page of Google, without worrying about the overall effect it has on your website. Our Search Engine Optimisation makes use of ‘white hat’ techniques, making sure we stay within search engine guidelines and only produce the best results for your business. Black hat techniques typically include:
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Link Farming
  • Hidden text & links
  • Blog content spamming
  • Tiny text, hidden text & hidden links
  • Cloaking
  • Doorway pages or gateway pages
  • Bait & switch or page swapping
  • duplicate content or mirror sites

With white hat SEO, you have a real chance to increase your organic traffic. But in order for it to work, you need to follow the guidelines set by search engines. You can start this process with professional help by hiring our SEO services.
Our Brisbane SEO experts have been using white hat SEO techniques for over 15 years. These methods are designed for human users and not merely to appeal to search engines and boost rankings. Our high-quality content will boost your rankings in Google and make your website a much better experience for potential customers – the kind of people who will enjoy your website and contact you with their business! White hat techniques typically include:
  • Auditing
  • Writing content & meta tags
  • Using keywords
  • Doing research
  • Link cleaning
  • Link building
  • Writing quality content for humans

Our Search Engine Optimisation services are designed to help you attract more visitors to your website through search engines. Our team are experts in using white hat, ethical search engine optimisation practices so your site is sure to please both the search engines and your customers.

Top Ranked Luxury Island Resort

We Helped This Resort Organic Traffic By 179%

Our company offers SEO services to target your audience and to rise above competitors in the travel accommodation niche. We’ve worked with Australia’s leading luxury lodges to help improve keyword rankings and grow search engine traffic.

The travel and accommodation niche is highly competitive. We devised a strategy to help this group of luxury lodges compete against large Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and competitor hotels. 

This strategy required detailed analysis of competitor domains, careful research of niche keywords and a tailored content strategy to help drive organic traffic.

Our SEO strategy has helped to increase organic traffic by over 179%

What's Included In An SEO Campaign?

Strategy & Planning Workshop

Before your campaign kicks off, rest assured – your account manager will meet with you to discuss exactly what you are hoping to achieve through our services. Your knowledge is key for us to achieve the best possible results; we want you to be informed throughout this process. We will take the time to learn about your business, discuss your goals for SEO, and help you determine if you are in fact ready for our services. This is not a sales pitch. We care about your success which is why we want to make sure the choice to hire an SEO agency is yours.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital process in any SEO campaign and we’d like to help you with that. You will receive a list of recommended keywords that we’ve carefully researched and then tested our work on. These keywords will be very carefully researched and recommended by our local SEO experts.

Content Mapping & Strategy The content map is a comprehensive list of important keywords for your website, an essential tool for search engine optimisation. It includes the most frequent terms, internal and external links to your site, keywords related to both your main services and products, and keywords that are not yet covered by the pages on your site. By entering these keywords in order of importance into an SEO tool you can create a strategy for your web content which will increase the visibility of your site on search engines.

Onpage Optimisation

With the content map and strategy in your hands, it’s time to make any changes required. We can make these changes on your behalf, working with your current web team, or contact you at a later date with details on how to make the required changes yourself. Once complete, we send another report to confirm all recommended changes have been made on your live website.

SEO Content Creation

Our dedicated team will create content each month to help your website rank in search engines. From blogs to articles, landing page copy and more; we’ll create content that suits your business, engaging website visitors and increasing enquiries.


We will report back to you each month on the progress of your campaigns. We will provide detailed reports on current rankings, traffic of your website keywords and search engine keywords, organic versus paid results, along with any other tasks we have completed for your account.

Brisbane SEO Blueprint For Success

If you’re looking to invest in Brisbane SEO, but not sure where to start, we’ve put together a little guide below to help you out.

Keyword Research

In order to make your website as easily identifiable as possible you’ll need many relevant keywords and phrases. That’s where the right SEO keyword comes in.


Trying to rank higher on search engines? Chances are you need more backlinks. A backlink is any hypertext “link” that points to your website on another site (and vice versa). To get more of these, you need to get people talking about you. Our talented team of professionals can get high quality relevant backlinks for your website

Content Creation

A content strategy is a structured approach to planning, creating and managing content for your website. It’s about understanding how your site’s users will decide what content to consume and then making sure that it’s available when they need it. A content strategy is likely to include topics such as how much content your site needs, where you’ll host the site, who will create the content, how frequently it should be updated and monitored, establishing clear guidelines for who owns each page of the website and much more.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is an essential part of search engine optimisation. A business may be trying to do its own search engine marketing, but an effective campaign has to include the way the site’s competitors are marketing themselves. The informational resources in this section provide you with all your needs to download competitive analysis reports for free.

Traffic Monitoring

With Search Engine Optimisation, you can track the number of visitors to your website that come from all the main search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Traffic Monitoring will also help you measure how users interact with your site, based on the key words they use in their search engine queries.

Website Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of making changes to your website to help improve its performance in organic (non-paid) search results. Having a well optimised website can help individuals and businesses rank highly in search engines. We offer our customers SEO services that enable them to improve their positions in the search engines, which in turn helps attract more visitors to their site.

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Why Choose Merge For SEO Services In Brisbane?

For over 10 years, our team has delivered results by crafting unique SEO campaigns for small business in Brisbane. Our goal is to inspire your company’s potential customers at the moment they are searching online, all while delivering long-term organic growth.

Merge delivers high-performance SEO campaigns because we take an in depth look at your website to better understand what’s holding you back. We then create a unique strategy that highlights your strengths and targets the weaknesses, all with one goal in mind – showing up for key phrases in the top rankings on Google. So are you ready for us?

We offer tailored SEO packages so there’s something for every business. We work closely with your employees to create a strong strategy that helps you grow long-term and take over the online world. So check out our bespoke approach and find out what we can do for you.

ROI Driven Approach

You know that sinking feeling when you’ve spent thousands of dollars on an SEO campaign only to wake up to zero growth? That won’t happen with Merge. We know how to build websites, keywords, and content for companies like yours so they get ranked high in organic search results. You’ll be sinking into restful sleep knowing your investment is generating the returns you need without having another sleepless night worrying about whose site is ranking higher than yours.


We Build Relationships

Our Brisbane SEO consultants are in this for the long haul. We don’t want to wow you with short-term results, rather sustainable growth. When we come up with a campaign proposal, there’s more thought put into what our clients’ target audience is really interested in and how it differs from competitors. You can see where every decision has been made so far along the way—each one careful not to trade professionalism for quick wins on content rankings alone. And as a business owner who often struggles making decisions, let’s be honest: understanding your own logic drives home the value of this service even more!

Our Knowledge Is Evolving

You need constant innovation and to always be one step ahead in the digital marketing race. We’ll help you do that with no problem. You need to know when social media has its moments, when keywords are popular, and what people are searching for on the web. We understand the importance of staying in step with emerging marketing trends.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to invest in Brisbane SEO or are a business owner looking to improve the performance of their website and make it easier to find on the search engines, there’s good chance that you have a few questions.

If you sell something to customers or clients online, then your business needs SEO — search engine optimisation. The role that SEO plays in driving traffic and ultimately leads or sales to your website can’t be understated. That’s why businesses are flocking to SEO agencies and contractors from all over the world who are making it easier than ever before to get an expert on board with their firm.

Our proprietary algorithm uses the values of your target audience to create a year long digital campaign that speaks directly to them, thus ensuring the impact of every dollar you spend. Our approach creates incremental growth by attracting your target audience into your sphere of influence, resulting in sales opportunities that wouldn’t have previously existed.

You want an experienced Brisbane SEO company to deliver real results for you, based on financial figures. We’ll build relationships and we’ll make sure to deliver real results.

Digital marketing is a must for any 21st century business. It’s no longer an optional expense, but a must if your business is to survive in the modern world. That’s why you need the help of the best Brisbane SEO company to supercharge your business.

SEO is a long game. That means you can’t expect to rank just because you do a few things in a week or two. You have to plan a campaign, execute on that campaign, and then refine and continue the cycle.

We’ve been a top-rated SEO company for years because we’re in this for the long haul-and because we know how to get you here. Our SEO company has helped hundreds of businesses rank higher on Google, which has led to more customers, more visibility, and more sales.

An SEO agency helps businesses to get seen online. They work with new and existing clients to  improve the chances of their website being found at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Typically this involves improving or optimising websites, monitoring keyword rankings, generating and distributing relevant content and building links.

All of our work is done by our inhouse SEO team. Our in-house team of professionals provide quality services. We help businesses grow in a competitive environment. We are a complete internet marketing and website development company. We offer a range of services that helps our clients promote their business and maximise ROI through the power of internet marketing.

How do you choose the right SEO company? First, you have to know what exactly you are getting for your money. Does this company target a specific city or region? You want your SEO firm to not only understand how search engine optimisation works, but also have experience in getting your site ranked higher in the search engines. The more experience they have, the better chance of seeing results faster.

We can help you rank higher in the search engines with a combination of unique on-page and off-page strategies that will increase visitors to your website. We can’t guarantee top placement on search engines because that’s determined by major search engines based on things like relevancy and popularity, but we can help you compete against others in your industry with quality SEO services.

Every business is unique, and therefore every business needs a unique approach to SEO. We will work with you to create a tailored package that suits your needs. Our goal is always to give you an unsurpassed return on investment. There are countless ways we can help your business grow and gain customers through the power of good SEO.

SEO takes time, and the results highly depend on your website’s existing base of content. For websites that already have a strong amount of content (i.e., previously optimised websites), our team can typically achieve noticeable improvements in search rankings in 3–6 months. For new websites or blogs with very little pre-existing content, it may take a longer period of time—sometimes up to a year or more. Of course, no one can guarantee results; every website is different, and there are many other factors that can affect inbound links and search engine rankings over time

We are not the cheapest SEO agency, but with more than 30 million searches handled for our clients we deliver results. We don’t believe in short-cuts and want you to get maximum potential out of your website. At Merge we want to see businesses succeed by offering high quality services that help position the company at the top of search engines.

There are many SEO companies offering to market your business online. But, are they the best choice for you? There are several things that every prospective client should ask an SEO agency before making a decision. Here are some questions to ask: – How much experience do you have in the industry? – How many clients have you worked with in the past? – How long have you been in business?

SEO and PPC can complement each other perfectly when done correctly: after all, it takes money to run PPC ads, but SEO can generate organic traffic which leads to sales. It’s important to ask yourself what your business goals are. If your focus is on reaching a large amount of people quickly, which may include increasing sales conversion rates and growing your customer list by utilising SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies like PPC, then you are on the right track. But if you value increasing organic traffic over incoming revenue, then search engine optimisation (SEO) is the best online marketing strategy for you.

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