Marketing Tips For Law Firms During COVID-19


Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

The outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting almost every corner of the country right now. From hospitality and education, to small businesses, agencies and essential services, everyone is feeling the strain. No organisation is immune, not even our legal firms.

Even though a lot of firms have converted to the working-from-home model and are able to continue most of their day-to-day operations, sacrifices have had to be made in some way, particularly when it comes to business marketing.

If you’re thinking of making adjustments to current marketing strategies, please consider the following.

Don’t Abandon Marketing Completely

While it seems that the entire world is caught up in a state of panic, it’s crucial at this time to take measured steps when it comes to your business marketing. With a large amount of your competitors cutting their marketing budgets completely, you have the rare opportunity to be one of the main promoters on Google and Facebook.

Now is the perfect time to get infront of more potential customers and continue cementing your place in the market. However, making minor changes and conducting a mini audit of budgets is a much more efficient way of ensuring the firm makes it through the next few months.

Your Legal Marketing Strategy Must Be Digital

While the majority of Law firms now have established their digital presence, the recent changes and social distancing laws have made the way law firms do business more difficult.

At a time where much of the business world has moved into the online workspace and digital channels are seeing a significant increase in traffic, it’s important to focus on the following areas of your marketing strategy;

Content Marketing For Law Firms

There has never been a better time to ramp up your content marketing. By keeping your website and news feed up to date with the latest legal advice, industry tips and tricks, and other relevant content, you’re likely to see a jump in customer enquiries.

Email Marketing For Law Firms

Are you currently sending out monthly/bi-monthly newsletters to your clients and wider community? A regular email marketing schedule will allow you to reach out to your community with specific offers, business updates and new content. It will also remind your database that you are still operating and are available to provide any necessary advice.

Social Media For Law Firms

We know that during a crisis or major event, people spend more time on social media – searching for updates and useful information, or engaging with friends and sharing content.

You can use this to your advantage by ensuring there is a consistent bank of content scheduled to go out across your relevant channels, showcasing your services and how you are being of service to the community during this time.

Search Engine Optimisation For Law Firms

At the moment, people are trying to consume as much information on COVID-19 and it’s impacts as they possibly can. Search terms relating to working from home, employment law, tenancy rights, and paid leave are all experiencing high levels of traffic, so every law firm should be using this information to their advantage where applicable.

By using your area of law expertise, you are able to provide answers to questions your clients and potential customers may be searching for.

When creating content, be sure to think about the headlines and keywords being used. Focus on a set of key words and phrases that are relevant to the firm will ensure your content is received by those who require it most. And don’t forget that Google and other search engines thrive on relevance so make sure the article or case study you are putting forward has some relevance to what your customers are looking for.

All in all, what we’re experiencing at the moment is unprecedented. So, be kind to yourself, your colleagues and the wider community, and do what you can to keep the fire burning. We’re all in this together.

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