Search Engine Optimisation Ideas For Electricians

Our Top Search Engine Optimisation Ideas to Help Electricians Improve Their Rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vast topic, but the fundamentals of SEO on your electrical website are important and essential to your business’ search engine optimisation campaign. Improving organic rankings in Google and search results pages isn’t rocket science; it’s just about making your page look attractive to the search engines and crucially, to potential electrical customers in your target area.

Step 1) Find Related Search Keywords

There are two ways electricians can approach keyword research for their business. You either know exactly which services are most searched and create relevant, targeted keywords based on those, or you try to come up with general term ideas in order to broad brush and generalise your search terms, applying them to electrical terms which will more accurately reflect you as an electrician.

Step 2) Website Sitemaps

Each sitemap is an important part of an electricians SEO strategy. A sitemap helps you map out your pages so you have each service covered and know which keyword variations are needed on each. Once you know where each keyword and service fit within the website, you can start creating the content for each page. 

Step 3) Include Keywords in Headers

When potential customers, visit your website, it’s important your page is designed to maximise the time they spend on your website. It gives Google a bad impression if a searcher leaves your site within seconds of visiting. The first step to encouraging users to stay on your site is to include keywords in each sub-heading so they can see with a quick glance that this page relates to the electrical services they were searching for. This is an important part of search engine optimisation for electricians.

Step 4) Keyword Variations in Text

Put simply, search engine optimised text for electricians (SEO) is any text (or images) that is optimised with major keywords and related keywords for that page topic. This can include direct quotes from sources, pages or internal pages of websites – all of which defines the information that users will necessarily click on. Ideally, you want to rank for relevant electrical searches using organic search rather than paid search engines, as this will allow you to get a higher ranking for both cost and relevance. Because once people arrive on your website, they want to engage with and learn about what you have to say – so making sure you are providing value for your audience is key. As not all viewers have the same way of explaining a product or service, it’s important to use different variations of a keyword throughout a page to ensure all bases are covered. 

Step 5) Setup Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a set of tools and services provided by Google that allow owners to see what page and keywords are appearing on search engines. This gives electricians a way to understand their current rankings, show what keywords need improving, and map out the journey of improving rankings. These tools are intended to make webmasters more aware of how their site ranks in search engines, and give them the confidence to make quality content investments. With so much information available on the internet, it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

Visit Google Search Console

Step 6) Backlinks and Link Building

Link building for electricians is the process of using other websites to improve your own search engine ranking. These links are pulled from various websites and sources that relate to your industry. These can be general web pages, blog posts or social media posts. There is a huge amount of information available via search engines about the topics your electrical customers care about so you can approach these content creators to exchange links.

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