1000+ Instagram Likes In 9 Days For This Brewery

How We Generated 1,000 Instagram Likes In 9 Days For This Brewery

With 320 days of scorching summer, Townsville needed a place to make big beers that quench an endless thirst. 

Under the burning North Queensland sun and in the shadow of Mighty Castle Hill, Tiny Mountain Brewery was born.

To support the launch of Tiny Mountain Brewing, we put together a targeted social media strategy to position this brand for long term success.

We worked along the brand team to develop a set of guidelines, communication pillars and curated newsfeed posts to engage audience in the local area.

We had 9 days to launch the brand and within this short timeframe, we reached 42,308 people in the local area. Our social media accounts grew with 1,747 new Facebook followers & 1,130 new instagram likes.

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