The Importance Of Storytelling In Digital Marketing


Whether you realise it or not, every business has a story to tell. Social media is the perfect platform to share this story with potential customers.

Using a story is a great way to make people care about a product or business you are promoting. As humans, we are wired to enjoy stories. Storytelling on social media helps to build a personalised brand that people trust.

When it comes to building a social media presence, it is important that you are offering more than just a sleek logo and some professional photographs. If you want customers to follow you on social media you need to make them feel like it’s worth their time. You can do this by posting behind the scenes videos, candid photographs, original blog content and any other content that tells the story of who you are as a brand.

Use Videos, Images and Design

While it may not seem like much, this sort of social media storytelling can make a huge difference to how the brand is seen by potential customers.

Remember when exploring ways to tell a story on social media to embrace visuals as much as possible. Including images and interesting design will add a whole other layer to the narrative you are sharing.

Make It Personal

When telling stories on social media it helps to make it personal. Customers are much more likely to trust a brand when they can see the face of the brand. Share images and videos of real people who work for your organisation. Tell your followers a little about who they are. This will give them a reason to trust your brand. Encourage people to write reviews about their experience with your company and share these online. Encourage tagging and sharing as much as possible. People are much more likely to trust an organisation when it has ‘social proof’.Get Your Story Out There

These are just some simple ways to use social media to tell your brand’s story. There are heaps of different things you can do to tell a story about your brand that will make your customers feel more connected and comfortable with your brand.

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