How To Promote Your Restaurant’s Takeaway Menu On Facebook


How To Promote Your Restaurant’s Takeaway Menu On Facebook & Instagram

Facebook now has over 2.7 billion users, and it’s where the majority of businesses can find their customers in 2020. And thanks to Facebook, marketing for restaurants and other hospitality venues has never been easier.

However, with so many cafes and restaurants having to convert to a takeaway and delivery only business model due to the coronavirus outbreak, now has never been a better time for venue owners and operators to revise their restaurant marketing strategy. 

Here are a few restaurant marketing ideas to help you promote your takeaway menu on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Set Up Your Facebook Menu

How To Set Up Your Facebook Menu

If you haven’t done this already, do it now! Utilise your menu however and wherever you can to ensure customers can read it easily and find out everything they need to know.

To add a menu to your Facebook Page:

  1. Click About on the left side of your Page.
  2. Below More Info, click Add Menu.
  3. Upload a photo or PDF file of your menu.
  4. Once your menu has finished uploading or you’ve added a link to your menu, click Confirm.
  5. Keep in mind that Facebook may review your menu and let you know if the menu needs any changes.

2. Capture High Quality Images Of Your Takeaway Menu

Deliver Consistent & Shareable Content. Also known as ‘food porn.’

This seems like an obvious one, but if there was ever a time for venue owners to get consistent with their social media, it would be now. When we talk about consistency, we’re referring to the times you post, what you share, and how often it’s shared.

Cafes and restaurants, depending on their offering, might cater to different crowds, so your posting times should reflect this.

It’s also important to ensure the photography you share is appealing, engaging, and offers the customer a reason to engage with it. For cafes, this could be a photo of a freshly poured coffee and a quirky caption. For restaurants, perhaps an image of a delicious takeaway meal being packaged up reminding customers of trading hours or what’s on offer for the next night.

There are so many simple ways to create engaging content to promote your takeaway menu during this time – so get your team members involved and have some fun with it. Your customers will love it!

3. Create Campaigns To Drive Engagement

Engage With Your Followers

One crucial component of business promotion we find occasionally slips through the cracks is page engagement. While it may seem arduous to respond to customer enquiries or comments on Facebook posts, it’s especially essential at the moment.

Now, we’re not saying every message or comment needs to be responded to, but when it comes to your feed posts, you should aim to respond to comments, questions and tags as often as you can.

This will remind users that there is a real person behind the screen and it will allow you to build rapport with your Facebook customer base.

4. Advertise & Boost Posts to People In Your Local Area

Engage With Your Audience

Have you ever had a Facebook post receive a large amount of comments, likes or shares? It’s time to maximise this by boosting your posts to customers within a 2-3km radius of your venue.

Depending on the number of posts you’re pushing out on Facebook each week (we recommend 3-4) and depending on the budget allocated to social media promotion, you could boost every post to grow your overall page engagement.

But to start with, prioritise posts like menu updates, trading hour changes, or daily/weekly specials. By boosting these types of posts, they will show in the feeds of people who follow your page, as well as their friends.

You can choose who you boost your posts to based on their age, location and demographic. And better still, you can boost for as little as $5!

Want More Restaurant Marketing Ideas?

If you’d like to know more about ways to market your business during COVID-19, we offer specialised hospitality advice and want to help where we can. Get in touch with us today!

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