5 Ways To Increase Hens Party Bookings

Hens party trends are constantly evolving. The traditional night on the town is getting swapped for more unique hens night ideas. This shift in hens night trend has given venues an opportunity to market to a new audience base. When marketing for a hens night two key things to remember are that you are specifically targeting females and that interests vary greatly so a range of offers should be available.

1. Hens Party Packages

When developing your hens party marketing strategy, it’s important to consider what types of events your venue can host. Ensure you have a range of packages and options available to suit different tastes. Packages can include:

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating content in the forms of blogs, images and video that promotes relevant and informative content that is related to your business. Create a blogroll with topics such as the following:

The articles can also be promoted through social media channels to generate additional traffic. It’s a great way to gather interest from potential event hosts who are at the early stage of the customer journey.

3. Facebook Ad Campaigns

Social media is now considered the most reliable source of information by consumers, without a strong social media presence your venue will be overlooked. Facebook’s advertising platform offers businesses a variety of ways to target potential customers and provides the opportunity to target people who are specifically interested in hens parties.

When marketing for hens nights it’s important to consider that your audience is mostly females, and the range of tastes are highly varied, so ensure that your content and images are designed accordingly.

On top of targeting specific areas and age groups, the targeting function enables your ads to be directed to:

4. Google Ad Campaigns

Google is an effective channel for promoting hens parties. There are two key channels for advertising on Google: the display network and the search network. Using keywords that suit your venue and target audience, your ads can be set up to appear as:

Using Google ads with correct keywords ensures your venue is placed directly in front of users who are searching for hens party ideas.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

The final aspect to consider when marketing your venue is the SEO of your site. Optimising your content for search engines will result in a better placement on Google. By organically boosting your ranking, your visibility to potential clients increases significantly. To ensure your site is correctly optimised, consider the following: