Opening A Restaurant Checklist: Equipment, Branding & More


Opening a restaurant is no easy feat and requires a massive amount of coordination and planning to go off without a hitch. Naturally, the process of open a restaurant is different for each business. But every restaurant still has to undergo certain procedures to ensure a successful restaurant opening.

Opening A New Restaurant

To open a restaurant you need time, patience, and plenty of work. Deadlines must be met, and your efforts must be set towards meeting your budget and creative specifications. But with the right planning, getting everything done in a timely manner can be accomplished with minimum frustration.

This is a special report designed to help enlighten aspiring restaurant operators who are planning to open their own eateries. The restaurant business can be lucrative but if you’re not careful, it can also be a complete financial loss.The checklist here, has essential information and guidelines that you need before you start the process of opening your own restaurant.

Buying A Restaurant Checklist

Are you an aspiring restaurateur? We’re here to help with our checklist of the essentials you will need, as well as to give some advice and tips on how to get there, step-by-step. From your initial idea or concept through the preparation stage, all the way to opening day and beyond, this is a guide for getting from one end (the dream of owning a restaurant) to another (the nightmare of counting dollar bills at the end). We know it’s scary and overwhelming and we sympathise. But the good news is that this whole process can be broken down into relatively manageable steps. Follow it step-by-step along with us and soon you’ll have answers to all of your questions about opening a restaurant!

We’ve created a restaurant setup checklist, to give prospective restaurant owners an overview of the timeline involved with opening a new restaurant.

Restaurant Opening Checklist

12 Months Out

Create business plan & concept

Begin searching for a location

6 Months Out

Finalise your location. Lease a space, takeover existing premises or purchase location

Apply For licences & complete Community Impact Statement

Register business, setup accounting & payroll software

Finalise a plan for the venue fitout. This includes the floorplan and kitchen equipment

5 Months Out

Finalise Branding & Logos

Setup job ads & arrange staffing

Organise signage

Purchase fixtures, furniture, plate wear & cutlery

4 Months Out

Finalise stock & setup agreements with food and beverage suppliers

3 Months Out

Review staff training procedures

Establish safety program

Build website – Contact Merge for a custom quote to build your restaurant’s website.

Setup social media pages

Organise staff uniforms

6 weeks out

Run social media campaign to generate awareness in the local area

Build an email database for potential customers

Submit press release to local journalists & publications

Organise launch event. See our article on tips for launching your restaurant here.

Invite influencers, local businesses & media to launch event

3 Weeks Out

Finalise menu inclusions and design

2 Weeks Out

Order food & stock

First aid kit

Fire safety equipment

1 Week Out

Soft launch your venue

Test your menu with friends and family

Print menus

Invest in restaurant technology

From the front office to the kitchen, technology has changed hospitality and the way restaurants operate. While technology is a cost center for many businesses, it can also be one of the biggest benefits. By leveraging technology, food and beverage operations can streamline processes, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs.

Invest In Restaurant Marketing

Your marketing plan should focus on where you want to go and the type of food you are looking for. With the help of Tripadvisor, which is a website geared towards travelers, your business will be visible to people coming into your area and ready to eat your food. If a traveler have a location in mind that sounds appealing then look into a hotel as well for visibility. Use coupons, and bring in new customers to increase sales.

If you’re serious about opening a restaurant, then go for it. With the right attitude and planning, you can turn this dream into reality. We’ve put together a checklist below on the basics of opening a restaurant, so you can get a better understanding of what’s required before starting.

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