Creative Ways Restaurants Are Enforcing Social Distancing

How Restaurants Around The World Are Enforcing Social Distancing

Inflatable toys. Glasshouses. Mannequin dolls (including some of a creepy nature). Not so long ago, propping one of these items up at a dining table in public might have seemed like a farcical element straight out of a sitcom. Now restaurants are coming up with new ways of enforcing safe social distancing practices. As the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic became clear, restaurants and bars were the first targets for closure. But with stay-at-home orders expiring in many states and economies across the world beginning the early stages of reopening, restaurants and bars also have begun the process of restarting dine-in operations with these creative ideas.

1. Mannequins At The Inn At Little Washington

2. Cardboard Mascots At Bar-B-Q Plaza

3. Inflatable Donuts At Fish Tales

4. Inflatable Donuts At Fish Tales

5. Glasshouses At ETEN

6. Cardboard Cutouts At Five Dock Dining

7. Classic Artwork At REIGN

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