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Get more eyeballs on your products and services by tapping into TikTok’s 400 million strong user base. We know Tiktok. And we can help you break through to audiences like no one else can.

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Reach Your Audience

Acquire and grow a targeted and influential TikTok community. Access the content and audience insights you need to define and deliver a compelling brand strategy, plus consumer data to drive your advertising decisions.

Tell Your Brand's Story

TikTok paid video ads help brands big and small deliver a visual story in a captivating way. Tell your story with one of thousands of video filters from Tiktok, the ultimate mobile video app, and drive traffic to your branded landing page. 

Make An Impact

Whether you’re looking to expand your social presence, promote your latest music video, or simply take advantage of the massive potential for advertising on this single platform, tiktok ads offers you or your business the opportunity to reach millions or even billions of people across the globe.

Generate Sales, Revenue & Leads

Generate sales and leads with tik tok video ads. Get more views, likes, shares, comments, followers, or plays on tiktok videos or channels. It could be your brand that becomes the next online sensation.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Tiktok Advertising Experts

With over 300 million users and 150 million videos uploaded per day, TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon. Engaging with influencers and celebrities such as Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, Matthew McConaughey and many more, the app peaks the interest of a broad cross-section of users. Creative formats including lip syncs and musical challenges have also made this platform a powerhouse for brands looking to reach a highly desirable consumer base.

Creative and effective, TikTok is a fast-paced, fun and hyper-engaged platform. The potential for brands to tap into this new demographic is massive, yet most brands have been hesitant. At that’s where We Are Social comes in.

We cater for brands with a focus on one-to-one consumer engagement and brand awareness. Our team will help you strategically plan and deliver your content, curate engaging content, and most importantly – find and develop relationships with key influencers who will drive your campaign forward. With our deep insights into the TikTok world and understanding of social media market trends – we’ll help you reach new heights on the platform with no filters or fakes allowed.

We help Australian businesses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra with Tiktok Ads.

We know TIKTOK. And we can help you break through to teen audiences like no one else can.

Tiktok Ad Formats

Tell brand stories like a pro with TikTok’s In-Feed ads. In-Feed ads are TikTok’s standard ad format, which allows you to embed your video ads to auto-play on your target audiences’ ‘For You Page’. These ads give the ability for users to like, comment, share, follow, and shoot videos within the same TikTok sound. 

In-Feed ads can be used for a variety of different campaign objectives. Each features a clickable CTA button which can be used to drive traffic to an external landing page, app downloads, or to your brand’s TikTok account. For optimal viewing, we recommend your ad be 15 seconds long. 

Capture any user’s attention with TikTok’s prime ad real estate: Top-View ads. Top-View ads capture user attention by appearing at the top of their ‘For You Page’ for when they first open the app. This ad format allows your video ad to be up to 60 seconds long, offering an immersive viewing experience without any other competing content. 

Top-View ads are perfect for increasing brand awareness because it guarantees a wide reach and a high number of impressions. The key to Top-View ads is for your brand to create a highly engaging video that will leave your viewer with a lasting impression. 

Similar to Top-View ads, Brand Takeovers are full-screen static or dynamic displays, delivering a strong visual impact that the user first sees when they open TikTok, however users are unable to like or comment. Think of these ads as similar to YouTube’s non-skippable ads or bumper ads. 

Brand Takeover ads are meant to be short, snappy and to the point, being either a 3-5 second long video or a 3 second image. This allows brands to direct traffic to both internal and external landing pages. Best practice is to use this ad format along with the other formats made available by TikTok to give you the widest and deepest reach. 

This format can be broken down into three placements within the app. First being standard video ads that appear in the In-Feed placement, encouraging users to participate in the challenge. The second is through featured banners found in the ‘Discover Page’ which directs traffic to the Hashtag Challenge(the third placement) which is the central hub for the challenge. The Hashtag Challenge aggregates all of the video submissions from all over the world in one place- making it easier for users to connect with other individuals and brands. 

Branded effects enable brands to embrace their playful side with the creation of shareable branded stickers, filters, and effects that users can utilize in their own video content. These effects can be a standalone campaign or they can be integrated into your Branded Hashtag Challenge for a more rich ad experience. 

Similar to Hashtag Challenges, the power of Branded Effects lies in the fact that these formats go beyond being simply an ad  ̶ your audience becomes immersed and involved, resulting in much higher levels of engagement.

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That’s what you’re after when you’re looking for a way to increase sales, build brand awareness, drive traffic and earn back your marketing investment. SEO will get you there… but getting to the top of Google isn’t easy. It requires thought, planning and a commitment to quality.

For a growing business, these rankings can mean the difference between struggling and thriving. Rank tracking will let you stay on top of your game with features that help you optimise your site for better search results, direct traffic to the right landing page where it belongs, track keywords from major engines to optimise your content, and more. You’ll be Able to easily see where your traffic is coming from and if you need to make any changes on your site or on Google’s side to improve ranking.


Restaurants, Bars & Hospitality

We specialise in SEO for restaurants, bars & the hospitality industry. Our campaigns are designed to improve your venue’s visibility across search engines and drive more bookings and reservations each month.

Plumbers, Electricians & Tradesman

We help plumbing and trade services improve their online marketing presence and generate more leads through organic search engine optimisation (SEO). Our services include on-page keyword optimisation, backlink building and overall strategy for local businesses.

Software As A Service (Saas)

SEO For SaaS companies involves a comprehensive analysis of the technology and various tactics used to successfully market software products online.

Accommodation, Travel & Hotel

Our SEO services are designed for hoteliers to increase their online visibility, enhance their exposure to more prospective travellers, attract more bookings and increase revenues.

Health & Fitness

The industry is full of choices when it comes to Brisbane SEO for gyms and health facilities. We team are experts within this industry and can help to power your business to the top of Google’s search engine.

Legal Services

We focus on delivering quick, substantial results for law practitioners. All SEO services are provided with our quality control measures and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Accounting & Finance

With the right Brisbane SEO agency any accountant or financial service can beat the competition. We are an SEO company that specialises in accountants rankings and have a range of advanced methods on hand to combat your competition.

Events, Functions & Weddings

Whether you are a business owner with a single venue or an industry professional with multiple properties, we will help you reach more brides and generate more bookings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to invest in Brisbane SEO or are a business owner looking to improve the performance of their website and make it easier to find on the search engines, there’s good chance that you have a few questions.

How do Spotify Ads Work?

In order to make your website as easily identifiable as possible you’ll need many relevant keywords and phrases. That’s where the right SEO keyword comes in.


Trying to rank higher on search engines? Chances are you need more backlinks. A backlink is any hypertext “link” that points to your website on another site (and vice versa). To get more of these, you need to get people talking about you. Our talented team of professionals can get high quality relevant backlinks for your website


A content strategy is a structured approach to planning, creating and managing content for your website. It’s about understanding how your site’s users will decide what content to consume and then making sure that it’s available when they need it. A content strategy is likely to include topics such as how much content your site needs, where you’ll host the site, who will create the content, how frequently it should be updated and monitored, establishing clear guidelines for who owns each page of the website and much more.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is an essential part of search engine optimisation. A business may be trying to do its own search engine marketing, but an effective campaign has to include the way the site’s competitors are marketing themselves. The informational resources in this section provide you with all your needs to download competitive analysis reports for free.

Traffic Monitoring

With Search Engine Optimisation, you can track the number of visitors to your website that come from all the main search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Traffic Monitoring will also help you measure how users interact with your site, based on the key words they use in their search engine queries.

Website Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of making changes to your website to help improve its performance in organic (non-paid) search results. Having a well optimised website can help individuals and businesses rank highly in search engines. We offer our customers SEO services that enable them to improve their positions in the search engines, which in turn helps attract more visitors to their site.

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