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One of the most innovative and successful services in music history, Spotify has gone from startup to global powerhouse with users across 61 countries who enjoy a catalogue of on demand music that’s updated on a daily basis. By utilising a unique advertising interface that combines beautiful images with custom themed audio that can’t be skipped, you have the potential to reach a large audience on this increasingly popular service.

With Spotify, you can connect with your audience beyond just your app by playing your brand’s music in the background of users’ playlists whether they’re listening to Spotify on Friend or Family.
Let music-lovers in on your brand, with Spotify advertising. We offer six incredible formats for your brand to be heard in this high traffic area, with sleek display formats alongside stunning video and audio ads. Boom.

Spotify advertising can be heard on behalf of millions of listeners in millions of locations. Performance monitoring and analytics is intelligent, and the platform has the ability to help you pin point your perfect audience and achieve maximum return on investment.

Looking to build your brand? Spotify advertising is a great alternative to traditional radio-advertising. It’s a highly effective digital audio platform that puts your message in front of your audience—that’s 82 million monthly active users globally.

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Spotify Ad Formats

Spotify advertising is a great alternative to radio advertising, it’s a highly effective digital audio platform that puts your message in front of your audience. Building your brand, and grow your revenue today.

Reach active listeners on any device, in any environment, throughout the day. Audio ads are served between songs while there are no distractions — which means listeners are focused on what you have to say.
Tap into industry-leading viewability. Video ads are only delivered during a listening session when the user is actively browsing through the catalogue to discover music and podcasts. Which means your ad is guaranteed to be seen and heard.
Tell your brand story to millions of free and premium listeners. Podcast ads drive meaningful engagement for advertisers — from brand-building to direct response objectives. And now, it’s easier than ever to get started.
Looking for something a little more bespoke? Our team of specialists can work with you to make something unique to your brand. Take a look through our custom ad formats and get in touch to learn more.

Case Studies & Results

A sample of our results from digital marketing campaigns across Australia.

How We Generated 500k Impressions In 14 Days

An integrated content strategy combined landing page design, editorial copywriting, email marketing and a targeted social media campaign to generate database members and user engagement for Your Local Fruit Shop.








2,020+ Instagram Likes In 9 Days For This Brewery

With 320 days of scorching summer, Townsville needed a place to make big beers that quench an endless thirst. To support the launch of Tiny Mountain Brewing, we put together a targeted social media strategy to position this brand for long term success.









2+ Million Ad Views For Colonial Brewing Co

We joined forces with Greenpoint Media to execute a powerful brand campaign for Colonial Brewing Co.

We designed a digital amplification strategy across social media networks and display networks to maximise their brand awareness throughout summer.

The campaign blitzed a wide range of industry benchmarks and provided the brand with enormous exposure to new and existing audiences.





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Spotify advertising is a relatively new advertising medium. Spotify advertising has a unique advantage over other platforms, as it not only targets those actively listening to music but those who may have the service open in the background of other tasks such as working, cooking or cleaning. With over 191 million users there are huge opportunities to take advantage of.

As Australia’s Spotify advertising experts, we take every opportunity possible to beat your competition and this digital audio advertising platform is yet another, which we’ve had great success. Get the leads and sales you need with Spotify Advertising – we do the job right and we guarantee it!

Spotify advertising is a great alternative to radio advertising, it’s a highly effective digital audio platform that puts your message in front of your audience. Building your brand, and grow your revenue today.

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