The Rundle Lantern


Up until now, when you think “Adelaide landmarks” you thought either a couple of shiny balls or some pigs scrounging in a bin or something. But since Friday the city has a landmark to be proud of – the Rundle Lantern on the corner of Pulteney and Rundle St.

 Making up the Lantern are 748 square panels that are lit by a series of LED lights that alternate colours to make a 9 story high wall of surging wonderment. The best part about it all is that the hideous, eyeball-searing Rundle St. car park façade has finally been sealed up for all eternity like the disgusting mummy it truly is.  

Even better is that the Lantern is a great concept and makes us at Merge stand there drooling like the stupid, stupid Stanley Kubrick-esque apes we are. The Lantern itself is carbon neutral, and the LED lighting system uses 10% of the energy a regular light bulb would, so you can feel better about driving that Humvee down Pulteney to check it out. 

Sure, it cost about 2 million jiggly squid to build – but once you’ve seen the effect of the Lantern looming over Hungry Jack’s at night, chances are you’ll think it was well worth it and you may try to make a virgin sacrifice at its feet.  

 The Lantern was designed by Adelaide group Fusion, and flicks on every night of the year from dusk. The lighting system can be reprogrammed with new designs and patterns to suit festivals and events in the city, and I know I for one can’t wait to see a 9-story high pixellated mullet in honour of the V8 races. Get down there and start drooling tonight!