THE QUICKIES - Tues 30th Mar


Malfunke’ is one of the hottest DJs on the scene… and I’m not just talking about his engaging good looks!  With an energy that takes over not only the decks, but the entire room, it would be disappointing (to say the least) if you hadn’t seen him in action!

Malfunke’ dons his party pants every Friday night at Never Land, as well as every Sunday day at Dirty Sundays.  Now you know the deets, be sure to add one of his gigs to your to-do-list this weekend.  You won’t be sorry!

THE QUICKIES::: 10 quick questions to get to know MALFUNKE’

1.    Ok, so let’s start with the basics.  What do you think makes a good DJ?
Someone with an in depth knowledge of music and is able to create a vibe in a room that makes people feel comfortable and want to dance

2.    When was your passion for DJing ignited?
Probably around 2003 when I saw Dimitri From Paris play at Field Day in Sydney… But I always had a love for music dating back to the elevation underground rave parties I used to attend in the City

3.    What’s happening on the GC music scene at the moment that the kids should be getting excited about?
There is actually a bit of cool shit going on in the music scene at the moment that the kids should be getting into…  The Me + You team are putting on some dope techno parties, including both boat and warehouse parties.  Big ups to Kaneo and Alex for doing that shit.  Jimmy from Down N Dirty DJs has been elevating the scene with his gigs at Ruby Tramp.  Big props my friend!  The Dirty Sundays crew are really doing well with a fun housey vibe to get your dance on on a Sunday arvo. Then the stock standard usuals Never Land Bar and Elsewhere to get your groove on.

4.    With such a high population of clubs on the Coast there are definitely DJs aplenty!  Which Gold Coast DJs do rate as hot to trot?
Hands down Raye Antonelli, for being able to have such an understanding in music.  Wongo, Little Fritter, Alex James and Thomas J do an awesome job.  I love to listen to Adam and Eve on a Sunday arvo.  But everyone needs to keep their eyes on a little duo called POW! POW! who are making some seriously cool shit and their live sets are awesome!

5.    Coolangatta has a much smaller population of clubs than Surfers Paradise.  How does this affect the music scene on the southern coast?
Yeh, it’s a tough scene down there.  It’s just hard to try and educate Australian’s into listening to music they haven’t heard before.  It doesn’t really matter if you are playing in Cooly, Surfers or Sydney you are bound to be listening to the same cheesy music!

6.    Tech. Electro. House. Disco. And the vinyl platter of genres in between. What sounds are you pumping into the scene at the moment?  What does Malfunke’ bring to the party?
I’m very into my disco, house and techno… but at the moment I’m really into my old house!  I’ve been loving it!

7.    How do you keep an ear out for the upcoming sounds? 
I tend to do a lot of blog reading and spend a lot of time on Beatport.  I also like to steal CDs from Matt Handley’s wallet!! Sorry Handles HAHA

8.    Who are your personal influences?
At the moment a lot of inspiration comes from Aeroplane, Renaissance Man, Daniel Steinburg, Yolanda Be Cool, POW! POW!, Jaime Jones, Tim Green, Claude Von Stroke and Raye (Antonelli)’s desktop!

9.    Have there been any stand-out moments for you in 2010 so far (either at events you have played at or at events that you have attended)?
Definitely closing for Von Stroke at Never Land was the most amazing gig I’ve ever playing in 2010!!!  But Parklife 09 watching Joakim, Aeroplane, The Glimmers and Von Stroke was by far the highlight of my partying last year.

10.    And finally, (and of severe importance in my opinion) what is your drink of choice - just in case the ladies want to buy you a drink while at Never Land Bar, Coolangatta or at Titanium Bar, Surfers Paradise?
Ahhhh anything Vodka… I love Vodka!