Food Search Trends – April 12


Comfort food in high demand this week

Location: Australia | Comparison: Last 30 Days | Source: Google

Thanks to Easter, this week has seen a large increase in searches for terms relating to pastries and comfort foods. Local bakeries reported huge sales over the Easter break with one Brisbane bakery selling over 4,000 hot cross buns and croissants over the weekend.

The demand for comfort foods is likely to stick around as an age-old coping mechanism for these times of crisis.

Digital Marketing Tips For Restaurants & Venues During COVID-19:

1) Offer a high margin and easy to prepare dessert option as an up-sell on your takeaway orders.

2) Post ‘food porn’ style photos of your dessert offerings on social media as click-bate in the afternoon and after dinner when customers are getting their sugar craving.

3) Provide an incentive to boost orders, such as “10% off your first order”, or “free delivery when you spend $50”.

We hope the insights below help to inspire your restaurant’s digital marketing strategy throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

Demand for ‘bakeries’ is up 63% 

Demand for ‘pastries’ is up 194% 

Demand for ‘dessert’ is up 143%

Demand for ‘pizza’ is up 44%

Digital Marketing During COVID-19

With the ever-changing landscape we now find ourselves in, it’s time to be smart about your digital marketing strategy. While some businesses in Australia servicing ‘essential needs’ are continuing to be prosperous, some businesses are also seeing significant drops in performance – all of which has occurred in the space of a few weeks.

Our data indicates that demand for take away meals and delivery services through Google search has increased due to COVID-19. It’s also important to note that the behaviour and intent of consumers has changed, as users are spending more time in the ‘research’ phase.


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