On-the-fly personal finance management App

Well if you're anything like us over at Merge, staying on budget and keeping track of bills is easy to say but it's harder than chinese arithmetic to actually do... Until we stumbled on a cool little app called Yomaney. It's, a powerful new personal finance app and Yomaney is now available for free download through the iTunes App Store.

Alerts notify users of unpaid bills, budgeting and analysis features help rein in that extra discretionary spending, we're all guilty of justifying to ourselves. It's not going to stop you enjoying the highs of a little retail therapy, but at least there won't be surpise when the bills come in. The financial information can be synchronized to be securely viewed from any computer or mobile device.

We got the first words with the developer to check out what the motivations were to innovate this cool little app.

“Few people can afford a financial advisor to track their spending and help them maintain a budget,” said Omer Tamir, developer of Yomaney. “With Yomaney, now anyone can have a powerful and easy to use financial planning tool in the palm of their hand.”

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Yomaney finance appWell-organized and easy to navigate, Yomaney provides several key money management features. With expense and income tracking features on Yomaney, embarrassing debit card rejections will be a thing of the past. Users enter information on the go and always know their account balances. 
With Yomaney, users don’t have to worry about slow payments that can ruin a credit rating or late fees that can drain a bank account. An alerts feature in the app will notify users of unpaid bills through the app or via email. Alerts are available for both recurring bills, such as rent or utilities, or infrequent bills, such as school or business club fees.
Plus despite the fact that none of us want to acknowledge it, customers eager to rein in their spending will appreciate Yomaney’s budgeting and analysis features. You can simply set your own personal budget goals and Yomaney does the rest, alertingyou if you're overspending or if you have flexibility to make that essential extra purchase. Plus, Yomaney’s easy-to-read reports and graphs help users visualize the state of their finances. 
Harnessing the power of cloud technology, the Yomaney app synchronizes data as customers enter it with the Yomaney website. This feature allows customers to easily view their financial information from any computer or mobile device. Customers can even download information from Yomaney to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create their own statistics.
According to Omer Tamir, "More and more people are concerned about the risks of exposing sensitive financial data to online predators, but Yomaney customers can feel confident that the security of their personal information is protected. Yomaney is committed to stringent privacy management. Data on the app, website and cloud have been encryptedto be safe and secure.
Yomaney gives busy students, families and small business owners the tools they need to quickly and easily manage their finances, whenever and wherever. 
“Building a secure financial future need not be overwhelming,” said Tamir. “User-friendly, fast and simple, Yomaney was created to make life easier and better for everyone.” 
Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later