Chicks in my Crib


We're all about city living and bringing self sufficiency together. When you can do it through cool design, how much better can it get?

Drum roll...Enter stage left the Chicken Crib.
Building and maintaining the coop often presents a significant obstacle to chicken rearing, but ChickenCribs solve this by handily gathering all the necessary materials for a small, space-efficient chicken living space in an easy-to-assemble kit. 

How 'bout it? Free range and saving $$ with healthy daily fresh eggs, With this bad boy your chook is safe from the night predators, and 1 X a shitload of great nutrients to put back into the earth on your toms or carrots, eh, are we right? Yeah, you got it!

Plus low maintenance cost bonus, the chooks eat just about all the food wastes that you'd normally compost or toss out!

Pesky varmits are held at bay with the predator-proof construction
The youngest hands can go hunting an dgathering through the cunningly named 'easy-open egg door'
The overhanging roof keeps the interior dry and provides full coverage run area for rainy day
Compact & Efficient Design Shipping box comes packed with straw to reduce waste and provide initial bedding
And as you can see from the vid we dig it the most 'cos of its modern and functional styling with easy assembly.

We haven't found any importers so at the moment you'll have to ship one in from the USA.

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