Smart Living


Driven by the recent obsession with the fair game we went down and had a look at these townhouses to see if they really did give what they promised and the 'Lifestyle we deserved, and at a price we can afford!'

Truth be told they ticked a lot of boxes for us and we loved em'. But as a student buying one right now, sadly it's a little out of reach. But we all agreed, we'd rent one tomorrow!  Check it out, Robina Fairways is set overlooking the 18th green, lakes and fairways of the golf course


Now that boudoir sorts me right out! N'est ce pas? 

These cunningly spacious three bedroom town houses make a sensational spot to hide away and get the essential studies out the way in peace and quiet, and close enough to everywhere to get out and about.  Plus with three floors Dave can keep his unfeasibly too trendy try hard 'WTF Jeans' filthy socks and shoes in the ground floor bedroom well away from the rest of the house and guests! 

If you like a game of golf - This is you all over! Sadly Dave's drive left him redfaced on just 18 of the holes, as he assured us shanking whilst an art, and constant lobbying, is still not fully recognised as an art in the hallowed halls of Gleneagles or Pebble beach!

At somewhere around a couple of hundred bucks a head three of us could live there and do it stylin'  No tripping over each other and its a far, and luxurious cry from the unpalatable options otherwise left open for as little as fifty bucks less.  

If you don't know Robina well  the Town Centre has extensive shopping facilities including housing Gold Coast's only David Jones with Myer scheduled to open there late 2010. Plus BONUS the development common facilities include swimming pool, gym, BBQ and entertaining area.

Stacks of smart modern applications in these places with CBus Smart Wiring to run all the electrics from a central box. Oh and we'll be drawing straws for who uses the built in vacuum-maid. 

Bond Uni Students take note! Go check em out 17 Great Southern Drive off Ron Penhaligon Way. Or turn on the charm and emotional bribery and tell mum and dad that if they really loved you, and want to help you get the best grades they should score you one of these - Take a squiz at the places at