NRAS - Social Impact Investment


SOCIAL IMPACT INVESTMENT - NRAS - National Rental Affordability Scheme. WooHoo!

NRAS is a government initiative that stands for national rental affordability scheme. NRAS is being fulfilled by the private sector and motivated by social impact investment. Championed and driven by the need for a collective voice, to elevate social conscience and assist in alleviating an obvious market shortfall in affordable housing.

NRAS Australia via Access Commercial Transactions is one group whose objective is to bring together developers and investors and collectively deliver affordable, quality and high performing investment properties nationally, that will alleviate some of the pressures on affordable housing.

As part of our long term vision toward housing affordability, Access Commercial Transactions is participating in the Government National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). Access Commercial Transactions and its partnered development consortiums have been approved by the Federal and State Governments for NRAS participation.


  • Investors see positive cashflow from their investments - No stress.
  • Tenants get 20% off their rents - That works!
  • Government rewards all with huge tax advantages ... EVERYBODY WINS

Regardless of which end of NRAS you come from, you'll probably find it is it to watch the short presentation of the facts.

nras - national rental affordability schemeAccess Commercial Transactions' participation within the scheme provides a means to allow individual investors and institutions to purchase carefully selected, high yielding Approved Rental Properties and receive the NRAS Rental Incentives provided by the Government under the NRAS Scheme. This is social impact investment. It is sugnificant to both the communities and a huge opportunity for investors.

What that literally translates to is good quality new property with cheaper more affordable rent!

Specialising in providing medium to high density urban housing, Access Commercial Transactions strong and established alliances ensure the capacity to deliver high volume, quality properties.

Australia desperately needs massive investment in residential real estate for rental accommodation and most of that will come from private real estate investors. Fortunately the National Rental Affordability Scheme introduced in 2008 makes investment in real estate more attractive that ever with investors being offered tax free incentives of an additional $90,000+ in tax credits over and above the already attractive available tax deductions for negative gearing and depreciation.

Had you ever heard of NRAS? (National Rental Affordability Scheme) No? Nor had we. Well it seems a long time in the making but it's very real, very much needed it seems a great solution for everyone.

Even in the current climate of relatively high interest rates with the rest if the world and a generally flat or receding property market it is possible for many investors to negative gear, with positive cashflow National Rental Affordability Scheme approved housing with minimal cash input. This is good for everyone concerned.

  • It is good for tenants renting, who get a 20-25% reduction in the amount of rent they have to pay to get exactly the same housing as the one next door at full freight..
  • It is good for investors because the rental returns, tax concessions and potential capital growth make these attractive investments.
  • It is good for the federal and state governments because it is a much lower cost way for them to ensure that renters have property available at a reasonable cost (and it keeps it all off the Government balance sheet!)

We think this is one of those few times when it really pays for investors to grab a good deal while at the same time performing a public service for a traumatised community. So if you're in a position to do something for yourself, or want to find out and know more go,  to the Access Commercial Transactions website.

Queensland Building Boost

NRAS just got better
From 1 August 2011 until 31 January 2012 Buyers of NRAS properties in Queensland will also qualify for the $10,000 Queensland Building Boost Grant. This means $10,000 is paid to you on settlement of the property. That will almost certainly create positive cashflow from day one!

A number of states have incentives for First Home Buyers but Queensland is the first to offer financial incentives to investors as well, recognising the need to support the building industry.