BINGE DRINKING - Thurs 25th Mar


In preparation for the big weekend ahead.  The basics of what binge drinking and the like has taught me...

  1. When drunk, guys can revert back to their neanderthal past and honestly believe that wacking a lady on the ass will lead to them dragging her out of the club come home time
  2. Beautiful girls are lured in by the mystery of "artist types" and seemingly geeky guys with questionable musical talent are increasingly batting WAY above their average
  3. "My friend likes you" continues to be a phrase used outside of the school playground
  4. Drunk people repeat stories time and time and time again
  5. Thoughts turn into words or actions way to easily when inebriated
  6. Taking a guy home when you have only just met is a slutty thing to do, but at least you have grabbed his attentions... and hopefully his name! [oh god I hope you're not reading this mum!!]
  7. My bed resembles what I think it would be like to sleep on a cloud
  8. No matter how sick you feel you CAN back it up
  9. Whoever comes up with the alternative to those ugly 3am lights will be a rich man
  10. If you want it bad enough you will get it - if only for a fleeting moment
  11. Alcohol completely rids you of inhibitions
  12. The more clubs/promoters on the coast the better... more opportunities to witness some truly amazing talents.  This weekend check out the new Secret Love Heroes on Saturday night at elsewhere and the Dirty Sundays crew at Titanium Bar on Sunday
  13. It REALLY is all about who you know
  14. While out on the town you feel about 18 again... the morning after it is more like 118!
  15. Loud drunks are just plain punishing. I believe that video evidence should be captured and provided to them the following morning (hit them while they are vulnerable!) so they can witness how inexplicably annoying they are