The Week

The Week


Get yoursel' over to Swingin Safari for 5.30pm this Sunday 13th June.

Sure to be a fun and sassy night with live music, fashion & art, manifesto will feature young artist / designer Joy French with her unique fashion range & art that explores struggles, aspirations & dreams.

Or you could stay in on Sunday, and get things done. Hmmm, long weekend that's what we thought. We'll see...
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Today is unofficially the last day of the week YEEHAA!  With Easter taunting us with excesses of chocolates and hot cross buns it is going to be essential to get amongst it this weekend to dance off the calories (well that’s my excuse anyways – feel free to use it!)

Here are the picks for the weekend:

elsewhere hosts a Bang Gang Party for ‘The Rit...
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THE QUICKIES - Tues 30th Mar

Malfunke’ is one of the hottest DJs on the scene… and I’m not just talking about his engaging good looks!  With an energy that takes over not only the decks, but the entire room, it would be disappointing (to say the least) if you hadn’t seen him in action!

Malfunke’ dons his party pants every Friday night at Never Land, as well as every Sunday day at Dirty S...
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BINGE DRINKING - Thurs 25th Mar

In preparation for the big weekend ahead.  The basics of what binge drinking and the like has taught me...

When drunk, guys can revert back to their neanderthal past and honestly believe that wacking a lady on the ass will lead to them dragging her out of the club come home time
Beautiful girls are lured in by the mystery of "artist types" and seemingly geeky guys with q...
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It is official: Milf is out… Cougar is in

Is it just me or is cougar the new IT word?  As a gal in my late twenties it is even being used in reference to my group of friends… maybe because there are so many of them “seeing” 21 year olds??!!

I am a little confused by the theory of dating a younger guy to feel younger yourself.  I would have assumed dying yo...
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Hey… My name is YOD.  In January of this year I flew from the land of IKEA (Sweden) to the Gold Coast for my friends 21st birthday.  And, don’t go telling the authorities, but I haven’t left since!

I mean… who could leave with world class events like the Quiksilver Pro bringing the HOTTEST chicks from around the world in an effort to get them to shed their cl...
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FANCY DRESS - Mon 22nd Mar

Why is it that with the simple act of putting on a costume we shed our layers and lose our inhibitions?
Maybe it’s because we spent our entire childhood dreaming of being someone else (a nurse, a firefighter, a sailor, a cowboy, a princess, a superhero, a soldier, a fairy, a ballerina, a knight, an indian, a policeman, a rockstar, a nun, a pirate, a builder, I think you get the pict...
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I LOVE YOU - Fri 19th Mar

Friday oh how I love thee
Is it Friday already?  Well didn’t that come around quick!
I am still trying to piece together last weekend, but here is Friday again, rearing its ugly (but most welcomed) head…

Tonight – Rossco, the master of marketing at Neverland, is celebrating the 5th anniversary of his 21st.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY boy!  Kid Kenobi and Malfunke...
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FAIRYTALES - Thurs 18th Mar

As the water laps at my feet, the sun kisses my skin and the breeze gently plays with my hair I find myself wondering why don't I have a man in my life that is this attentive?!
As we grow up we are conditioned to believe that love is a fairytale, that no matter what our situation, or how hard our lives may be that one day our Prince will come and save us. Excuse me for being blunt... but,...
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Some time ago I was forced to embrace something that I frowned upon without a second thought. I was thrown into the depths of public transport thanks to the near death of my car. I succumbed to the ease and the joy of having NOTHING to do for a hour before and after work as someone chauffeured me to and from the destinations of my choice!
Even though I was thrust into this situation I ado...
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THE TRANSCRIPT - Tues 16th Mar

THE TEXT MESSAGE TRANSCRIPT: [use your imagination]
Heard you’re coming to Brisbane next week
Yep.  Need some company.  Talk to me
Dress up boat party next weekend.  Any suggestions on outfits?
Dress up boat party!  What outfit where you thinking?
I need suggestions on outfits cos at the moment a half naked pirate hooker is coming to mind HA
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Here is a little sneak peek at what Monday has in store for you…

I am still trying to piece together the puzzle that is the weekend.
It all started with an innocent Friday night.  Well maybe not innocent.  The couple of glasses of vino with dinner created a sexy text monster and those late night messages alleviated any chance of pulling off that “pure of ...
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BUBBLE BATHS - Thurs 11th Mar

Even though their lives are filled with leather, groupies, guitars, hotel rooms and the necessary requirement of sex, drugs and rock and roll they are just like you and me...
The day after a gig the band came back to the venue to attend to the annoying task of loading out their gear. Once the tedious duty had been taken care of we were sitting around swapping stories from the night before...
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NEW SHOES - Wed 10th Mar

Potential partners are like a pair of shoes.  There could be thousands of them out there that may look like they are the right fit, but unless we try them on we will never really know. 
Now, I’m not suggesting we go out and try on every pair of “shoes” we find.  However, I do suggest that if we come across a pair we like that we take them for a test run
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NEVER SAY QUIET - Tues 9th Mar

Why is it that every time you announce to the world that you are having a quiet night it seems to take it as a challenge?
One drink leads to "I guess I could have just one more". It is this little phrase that is guaranteed to start the vicious cycle. Consider this your warning!
Friends have a funny knack of knowing exactly how to twist your arm if they want a partner in...
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THE PRO - Fri 5th Mar

With the threat of a tsunami hitting the Coast we all bunkered down the hatches and hid ourselves indoors.  However, in the weird and wonderful world of surfing, this created quite an excitable buzz throughout the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro camps.  With the promise of bigger waves for the week of competition it certainly made the surfing community sit up and take notice, stirring them back ...
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LIFE'S MEMENTOS - Thurs 5th Mar

With just one click we can capture the good times with friends and family, the beautiful views that Mother Nature has created and, often to our dismay, we may even decipher the black spots from a big night out!
As we flip through the pages of our photo albums we see our loved ones adorning the pages with smiling faces.  Not surprisingly these albums don’t hold photos from the n...
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COMFORT ZONE - Wed 3rd Mar

Yesterday I ran into an ex boyfriend.  Well not ran into, as much as saw him, was so stunned that I lost the ability to speak and by the time I found my words he had headed into an office and the moment was over.  Mind you, this was a guy that I had dated for SEVEN years!!  And I still froze!
Why did I do that?  Why was I so scared?  I am obviously not well equipped to de...
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Clouds clearing
Ocean beckoning
Sunshine beaming
Heart beating
Romance fleeting
Foreign lands calling
Experiences limited
Take each opportunity;


You may not be aware, but the night doesn’t stop when the ugly lights get turned on at the club.  Usually someone calls an after party which often sees participants continuing on until the sun rises.  The continuation can be just as fun, if not more, than the big night itself!
On this occasion two girls arrived at the part-ay house and headed straight to the bathroom to ga...
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DOGTOWN - Fri 26th Feb

Whether you can skate or not, you have probably heard of the movie ‘Dogtown’, starring the late, great Heath Ledger.  It’s set in the 70’s, when skateboarding took an evolutionary turn adding a somewhat anti-establishment view and an edgy element to the ‘sport’.
Apparently, it came about when Californian surfers got the idea of trying to surf the s...
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BOYFRIENDS - Thurs 25th Feb

If you are a guy and you know my group of friends and I then chances are that at one stage or another you have been labeled as boyfriend by one of us!
TRANSLATION: The word boyfriend is so interchangeable that it can be used to refer to: a guy we are seeing, a guy we have a crush on, a guy that buys us a drink or even the cute guy that just drove past in a car. 
We use the w...
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Have you ever been so excited about the thought of something that you have felt physically sick?  Thought that the butterflies fluttering around in your stomach were going to somehow make their way up to your throat?  I have a friend who actually throws up she gets so anxious.
Yesterday a rush came over me as I was watching music clips and the thought of the Coachella came to my...
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The generation of stars – Generation Y - are notoriously known for their “star” attributes.  They don’t just dream big, they ACT big.  They have an unwavering confidence that stands out when compared with the generations before them.  There is simply nothing that can stand in their way if they want to succeed at something.
As someone who is teetering...
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I FELT FREE - Mon 22nd Feb

I put on a pink dress this morning.
I wanted a splash of colour to brighten up my day. 
I donned my Ray Bans.
And I stepped out into what I considered to be a b-e-a-utiful day.
My thoughts turned to you.
I bought an apple, pineapple and strawberry juice from that little juice store that you like.
My thoughts turned to you, again.
The butterflies in my stomach did a dance.
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VERY GC - Fri 19th Feb

Not a bad place to live this Gold Coast!
Read a book with the seabreeze flowing through my window
Wandered down to the beach to wash my worries away with the waves
Hit a cafe with some friends for a coffee
Drove up to Point Danger to watch the surf [translation: watch the hot surfer boys]
Snapped away as the ocean did a little bump and grind up against the rocks
Cooked up a hearty l...
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With Good Vibrations this weekend, Future Music Festival next weekend and a bevy of festivals yet to come we are now well and truly submerged in the depths of "Festival Season". And with festival season comes the madness of pre parties, after parties, side shows and, of course, the festival itself.
Over the last couple of years we have been inundated with festivals and their ass...
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Even on the bleakest days where grey clouds loom and raindrops beat down there is always the chance of a rainbow shining through. 
Search for your rainbow everyday.

THE FUZZYS - Tues 16th Feb

Why is it that we have "the fuzzys" in our night when we have a big one on the turps?
I've come up with a theory... self preservation!
We forget what we don't want to remember. The stories get told the next day and we laugh at our ourselves because it seems like hearing a story about someone else. We don't remember the mysterious encounter or the awkward situation so in...
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Oh be still my aching heart for today I mourn the loss of a friendship.
Over the weekend I committed the most haneous of crimes.  I let alcohol fuelled emotions take over and I... drunk text!  In the heat of the moment I let my insanity take over and with one push of the send button it was all over.
Drunk dialling or drunk texting is becoming more and more common place ...
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TOUR DE GC - Fri 12th Feb

Have you jumped on the Tour De GC/bike-a-thon trend yet? 
1 x bike
1 x group of friends
And that’s it! 
It would be ideal if the Coast served up a fine day for your big adventure, but hell, how much fun would it be if it pissed down with rain.  With the weather that’s been hitting the Coast lately, best to add 1 x poncho to the above list.  Oh, and ...
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Child Like Innocence - Thurs 11 Feb

I can understand why people are often said to revert back to a child-like state when they go through hard times.  Just think about it...
When we are children we have not yet come across the concepts of fear or failure.  None of society's negative influences have yet plagued us.  We have BIG dreams and we TRULY believe that we can make them come true.
... once upon a time we h...
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Trompe l'oeil

This little trompe l'oeil masterpiece has us fighting an overwhelming urge to build a human slingshot, climb in and aim it at the side of the building in the hopes of being catapulted into the picture. Ok, maybe a bit extreme but it's easy to spend half an hour or so standing on the footpath, head tilted back and mouth gaping open; just staring at the shop front of Design Forum Architects in Varsi...
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Insomnia. I just can't sleep.

They say the proper way to look at dreams is to think of them as an 'adviser' who shows you what your real problems are and offer solutions. They are the soul’s way of overcoming the minds resistance to the soul’s guidance...

In which case can anyone explain dreaming of repeatedly showing up naked to work? What exactly is that trying to tell me? Am I excited to b...
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STUFF - Friday 29 January

Another seven days races past me like a little kid that's stolen a handful of cookies and doesn't want me to catch him. Days full of stuff. Stuff that doesn't necessarily form a cohesive whole but let me list off the things that fill a week and see if I end up at some sort of... point?

Stood and watched fluro-vested workers pack up the seating from the bike-race. Watched them sweep the SHITLOAD...
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Post Australia Day Trauma - Wed Jan 27

No one else I know seemed to have any problems removing the Australia Day temporary tattoo's from their bodies.

My theory is that the sunscreen I applied over the few on my face (yes, it was a very attractive look) somehow messed with the chemical composition of the adhesive. Even after I managed to scrub the blue,red and white flags and the green outlines with yellow Aussie, Aussie, Aussie pr...
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Snap - Friday January 22

This is one pic that won't be making it onto Grandma's wall.

This fool was snapped by a speed camera over in the USA, speeding while standing up with his head out through the sun roof.

By the looks of it, either he's about 8'6" tall, or the death trap he calls a car is 4'3".

BACK - Friday 22 January

Wandering around somewhere I wasn't supposed to I got this picture. Seems like there are more and more places we aren't supposed to explore. Or is it that the signage and security have gotten more visible? All I know is that sometimes the bigger the warning the more more interesting ignoring it will be.

I get told not to walk home through the parklands. 'People get murdered in them you know!&qu...
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EAR - Thursday 21 January

Do you ever go through a period where you only want to listen to one song over and over and over again? You can't stop singing it in your head as you walk down the street? You need it in your headphones while you work just so you wont distract yourself by humming it?

I don't know what it is but I can't stop whistling Ghosts Of War by Slayer. Of all the songs to get stuck in your head....

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MOUTH - Wednesday 20 January

Middle of the week and it's schnitzel night at my Oma's retirement home. Cafe Schultze, baby. Highly recommended. When was the last time you hung out with a room full of eighty-five year olds? You better have your wits about you, people. They've got plenty of fire left in them.

I've never been what you'd call a model grandson. I've never been the one to visit, even though I lived just around th...
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EYE - Tuesday 19 January

Cory McAbee is a strange and fascinating man from The Bronx. He makes films about singing cowboys in outerspace. He came to town to show us his film at The Merc and answer our questions. He got up and sang at the Grace. You should check out his film Stingray Sam. There's something about seeing the work of someone existing completely outside of the mainstream that gets my blood pumping.

CHIN - Monday 18 January

So apparently there's a bike race on this week. Thousands of people getting together to see which person can ride their bike the fastest.

I'll admit to not being a sports fan (air-hockey maybe, but even then.... meh) so it all seems a bit odd to me. As i've said before I stopped caring who culd throw things the furthest back in year four. It all seems like another setting for baby-boomers ...
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SLACK - Wednesday 13 January

Uuuuuh... Can anyone tell me why these things are still up? Anyone wanna lay a bet one how long they'll be up for. I've got a tenner on the second week of February. Just in time for the Easter stuff to go up, I guess.

BURN - Tuesday 12 January

Continuing this week’s mall themed analysis I come across this. It’s a tree half burned to ash.
Someone burned one of those grocery stores to the ground. Yeah, the one’s that sell fresh fruit and flowers. Pretty bizarre thing to do really.
I mean I get why people burn a car for the thrill. I used to blindly fire oranges out of a air-compressor bazooka into to suburbs be...
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HA-RA-JU-KU - Monday 11 November

I went to Japan last year. Yeah, yeah I know I’ve banged on about it before but today I’ve got minus 75 dollars in the bank so I need these moments of reminiscent respite to ease the sharp pain I get in my chest when I think about the rent that’s due next week so, y’know, bear with me coz I’ve got something interesting to say… to compare if you will our hu...
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TUNES - Friday 8 January

Craving some music. Some loud, loud music.... go see something... there's always somethin'.

OC - Thursday 7 January

We went swimming at the last minute and then drank wine out of plastic coconut cups as the sun went down.

Felt like a Nescafe ad.

I've got a way of ruining a moment with a thought like that. Everything a reference to something else. But I've had that rant before.

Never the less. Go to the beach. It's FREE!

POSTCARD - Wednesday 6 January

Walking around the city, the suburbs it strikes me how retarded it all is. Brick buildings with little holes cut in their walls for us to look out of. I guess all glass buildings are too expensive...

I wish we all lived in tents. Or on boats.

Man I'm hot. I can't even think straight. Wish I had gills. I'd be outta here.

ICEBERG - Tuesday 5 January

Watched Titanic tonight and cried my freakin eyes out.

I highly recommend a night in by yourself with either Titanic, Love Actually or Braveheart. It's kinda like wringing out a wet towel.

SHY - Monday 4 January

Cameras are everywhere man... it's a multi-platform, digital age where interactive web-based content makes us all the subject as well as the artis...

Sorry, it's not second year media studies is it? Everyone's got a camera though don't they? And everyone takes photos of fucking EVERYTHING... Here's something I noticed though...

Flipping through my childhood photo album I noticed just ho...
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NOO YEER Pt 2 - Friday 1 January

Yaaaaaaaay! Happy New Years you wonderful bastards!

Look at this kid, wouldya? Let's all try to be a little more like him this year.

NOO YEER - Thursday 31 December

Aaaaah... New Years eve. A time for people to celebrate the symbolic next chapter of their lives. A time to remember good times and toast the possibility of more to come. A time to ponder the possibilities of a new beginning.

Or a time for hordes of maggots to stream into the city like efluent down a storm drain to get shitfaced and kick in the windows of our new office (cheers for that doucheb...
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HAUNTED - Wednesday 30 December


That is all.

CHILLIN' 29 December

This week as you can already see is late and chronologically jumbled. The 'holiday season' does that to me. Does that to all of us it would seem. This year the whole world just seemed to clock-off around the first week of December and won't be back till January...

Christmas always does my head in. Does my heart in too... what a bizarre time of slovenly excess. I'm guilty of it myself... after t...
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DIGS - Monday 28 December

New digs for the merge crew just before christmas. It came as a surprise to me... see, the guys let me squeeze my desk into their old office a few months ago with the unspoken agreement being that I be ready for merge work at a moment's notice, that I laugh loudly at their jokes and that I provide them with fresh mangos at all times.

Then this new office fell into my lap and I was pre...
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WILD - Friday 15 December

Howdy. I'm a film-geek. A movie buff. In fact my girlfriend accused me this morning of being sexually attracted to the cinema. She might be right. It does consume my every waking thought. I get fluttery and spastic when I see soemthing that really blows my mind.

It's like that little kid part of me never grew up. When the lights go down before the ads come on I still get butterfl...
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INZONE - Thursday 17 December

MEEeeeeeeeeeeeeem-ories... well foggy ones.

It's been a busy week. Good times. Got me thinking about the early days when I didn't have so much to do with my time... just working to earn that cash to go to some dodgey dive to see Blood Sucking Freaks play. Some place like Inzone. It was a place on Light Square next to what is now Zhivago.

It was the most gloriously grotty place. Bands on...
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FAN - Friday 11 December

I spend all day bug eyed and greasy infront of a computer watching video files render. Sitting alone in the dark lit only by the sickly light of a high-def monitor I know my friends are at The Gov meeting Jarvis Cocker.

There's nothing rock and roll about film making, kids. It's a sober process. At least while you're shooting.

It's all cables, light temperatures, lifting boxes, utilitarian s...
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ACTORS - Thursday 10 December

As we have discussed in previous week's posts, actors have recently been domesticated and can now be taught a series of simple tricks.

Such tricks include memorising strings of words and then repeating them on cue, repetition of movement from one stop to another and mimicry of human emotion.

Here we see two particularly good actors posing in their enclosure, made to resemble a human bed...
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BOSS - Wednesday 9 December

The director's job is to have a clear idea of what the film should feel like and then attempt to translate that in words to the rest of the crew.

It is the job of the producer to get the director what they require to achieve this and also reign the director in if they get too fat headed.

It is the job of everyone else on the crew to scratch their heads as the director rambles and brain-farts...
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CREW - Tuesday 8 November

It is important to keep a film crew happy, especially when they are working purely for the love of it.

Here we see four crew members rewarded with carrot and lettuce. Crew members have be known to hord food in their cheeks for sustainance on later film shoots and it is the line producer's task to flog them with a light-stand if they are caught doing so.

Other ways of keeping a crew happ...
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MOVIE - Monday 7 December

The week was spent with a different kind of camera in my hand. No time for noticing life's small details and then musing on them...

We're making a movie this week.

Come along as I guide you through the world's shortest, cheapest behind the scenes tour of a local short in production...


With only two more sleeps till the fat man in the red suit climbs down my chimney, I'm starting to think it might be time to get myself organised for Christmas. I'm seriously dreading hitting the shops - I've been putting it off for the last few weeks because I know how busy it'll be. Now that I'm fast running out of time, I'm starting to realise it's going to be even crazier now than it would hav...
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Here's to the Entertaining Untalented

Around my neighbourhood, you don't have to wait for a full moon for things to get a little bit strange. It seems I live in a complex full of people considerably lacking in musical talent, but who love to sing, dance and play every instrument under the sun (badly most of the time).

And it echoes up and down the rows of townhouses.

At first I thought, how embarrassing, these people don't even ...
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Tin Can Radio

So.. imagine you're at a party and you stumble into a room where all the members of The Cure and Bloc Party are having a giant orgy and your ears are invited. Thats pretty much how Brisbane based band, Tin Can Radio makes me feel.

Their infectious flavour of synth-driven indie dance music infuses the heavy rhythms of drum ‘n bass, discopunk and breakbeats to their unique soulf...
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Careful What You Wish For

For all you entrepreneurs out there who are trying to lay down the foundations of your branding strategy.. Let me introduce a concept to you: MANIFESTATION [man-uh-fuh-stey-shuhn, -fe-] this is the act of making something a reality: to make something apparent. It is also a word overused by our Hippie-folk: 'I'm just going to manifest some cash so i can keep mediatating and not worry about having t...
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BURG - Friday 4 December

A short one today kids.

Next time someone bitches about how irritating it is to walk down the street and see all these people you know 'cause Adelaide's a small town blah blah blah... tell them to shut the fuck up and get over it.

It's actually a good thing.

End of conversation.

I love you all and look forward to your work.

HELP - Thursday 3 December

I don't know what you want from me.

I'm too scattered to put my thoughts into any internal cohesion, let alone tranlsate that into words on a screen.

I'm always doing four things at once. Rarely are any of them of actual importance.

My challenge to you today is to go buy a notepad. Get a packet of cheap pens 'cause you'll lose a good one. Write down all those little ideas you ha...
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COO - Wednesday 2 December

A mid week jaunt from one job to another and I catch this dilly of a pickle. Amongst a rabid gaggle of pigeons feasting on a homeless man's breadcrumbs this one little guy seemed a bit confused.

'What in god's name happened to my tail?!"

He didn't seem too bothered. Just looked around a bit really. So I strolled on.

I'll think of that next time I can't find a sock or have r...
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CRUISE - Tuesday 1 December

So, it's been a week full of confrontation and Travis Bickle Lite outrage but I'm a gentle man underneath it all and sometimes it doesn't take much to soften me up and put a smile on my dial.

The world may feel like it is full of insecure, frail little children who's method for feeling good about themselves is to block their issues out by donning the loud armour of the bully and stomping o...
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SOUL - Monday 30 November

So the Merge editor's arbitrary mood-swings see me granted an easy-going week-off as opposed to the usual floggings with a willow switch. A week to wander, to ponder. A few hours to squander.

A week to clean my soul if you will.

But I can't clean my soul can I? Because I can't walk down the street without someone wiping shit on it.

I'm gonna lay down a few things that happened t...
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The Safety Crawl

This is a handy note for all the lasses (and lads) who find themselves out on the town at 3am with no mates. I’d like to get on my high horse and pretend I don’t go to Surfers or do the drunken baby giraffe walk in a tiny skirt and Amazonian heels.. but hey, it happens.

It also happens that I may have to choose the late night loner bus ride option to get home (often a better option...
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Outback Op-Shops

Ever wondered where Gary got his epic vintage safari suit? Or Betty got her limited edition Gucci velour flares?
I’ll tell you this much – they did not pay $50 for them at any of your local Gold Coast ‘opportunity’ shops. The real business is in the outback. Hidden under that inland humble smile there is an untapped vault of super stylish nanna’s and pops offloading...
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Road-trip Warning

If you ever see a sign like this one attached to a motel – be suspicious, be very suspicious

Dad Joke Of The Week

What do you call a frog with no legs?


END - Friday 20 November

Well, that's it. We're out.

Off the top of my head - here's some of the best and worst stuff I remember:

Kissed my girlfriend for the first time there at three am in the empty ballroom.

Ikochi played there and the place was jumping.

Some douchebags purposefully broke a bunch of the antique stair-rails and nearly got us evicted.

Some douchebags ripped the phone out of the lift and ...
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BALCONY - Thursday 19 November

Ain't nowhere in summer better to be than the balcony at Urtext. The most people-packed part of the place at any event I've lost entire nights yacking loudly with the tightly pressed bodies squeezed onto its metre wide berth.

Although the thought terrified me almost constantly, we never lost a single soul over the edge.

Just keep the glass inside.

REHEARSAL - Wednesday 18 November

Like sex is to a relationship, so is movie-making to Urtext. When we're not doing it, we fight. When we are doing it, it is heaven on earth.

Here we can observe actors in their natural habitat. They form circular groups around large table and recite passages of dialogue from highlighted scripts. Actors can be difficult to domesticate but with the proper patience they can be taught simple tricks...
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GOLDCLASS - Tuesday 17 November

In the beginning there was an auction and Matt saw that the auction was good. We parked a truck at the old domestic terminal and filled it with about one hundred sets of airport seats.

We carried them Fitzcarraldo style up six flights of stairs to what would be our private cinema. Never have I hurt so bad. Thoise chairs we had no room for haunted sharehouse backyards for months.

In summer we...
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BOOGIE - Monday 16 November

If you're reading this chances are you've been there at least once.

You knew someone in a band that played there.

You got shitfaced and sat precariously on the balcony at some party.

You built props for a movie there.

You sat in the home-made cinema and watched movies there.

This week we moved out of Urtext. It was sweaty going in, it was sweaty while we were there and it was swea...
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No, not the moon in the recent red dust storm, it's Punk'in. These little spiny-normans are all popping up all over the coast. Beware the punk'in.

Wanting to be elsewhere - Monday November 16

For all intents and purposes, the Merge party at elsewhere on Friday night was a rip-roaring success. Seriously, the place was packed, and it was hard to move. Especially when Brothers hit the stage and turned the dancefloor into a mosh pit.

When Elke took their turn in the spotlight, ripping up the decks, the crowd was just as dense (albeit slightly sweaty by this point). But when you're somew...
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End of the week and feeling the mortality. In a good way though. Nothing makes you feel more alive than knowing you are going to be dead, dead, dead in the ground in about fifty years.
It's gotta be about mindset, right? Like rocking the colour-coordinated shirt and scooter combo and pingin like a maniac down Motefiore Hill with what I like to think is a bag of Wizz Fizz and Doctor Pepper you'r...
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FAVOUR - Thursday 12 November

Ta for that.

EX-MAS - Wednesday 11 November

Goddammit. It's still two months away. What's with all the bludgeoning propaghanda?
That's it. I'm done. I'm breaking up with you Christmas. You've changed. You used to be fun to be around. Now you've let yourself go. You're fat and aggressive. You're a chore, an obligation.
We used to be so good together but... well, I was young. I didn't know better. I see now that you have been a shithead t...
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HEAT - Tuesday 10 November

Great ain't it. It's all anyone can talk about. People think that's annoying but I beg to differ. A bludgeoning heatwave doesn't turn everyday into Do The Right Thing. It actually unites people.
It's something in common suddenly.
'How's it goin?'
'I'm bloody hot.'
'It's a scorcher ain't it?'
'It's got some bite, that's for sure.'
Instant friends. Suddenly we're all collective victims united ...
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HORROR - Monday 9 November

Blanking out at the lava-lamplike curry bubbling away, the broccoli emerges like Martin Sheen and rolls dead, a corpse that once grew in a field, or a backyard, or on a shelf in a hydroponically manipulated harvesting facility.
The heat gets into me at the start of the week and shuts down the noise. Everything slows down. Everything gets harder to do. You have to concentrate. It feels like what...
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Recumbent cycles - Thursday November 12

My engineering prowess and hunger was satisfied with lots of masking tape, some ape hangers or cow horn handlebars, simply taped onto the old handles of a rusty old collapsable commuter bicycle, towing a shopping trolley with covers of Merge cunningly disguising the trolley, but no.

These little babies are an engineering sensation;  a feat of en...
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Time Capsules - Wednesday November 11

So I took this picture a few weeks ago in Paris, and the photgraph is anything but special, but the image, painted by Dali is quite remarkable. Arguably very simple, but actual execution is extra-ordinary.

Dali was born over a century ago. Perhaps his most widely recognised work is  'The Persistance of Memory' - the old 'melting timepiece' trick. 

Great concepts...
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The Denim Undie Shuffle - Tuesday November 10

So, its that time of year when the weather starts getting warmer and my quivering scissor-filled hands have demolished yet another completely fine pair of op-shop jeans. I may not look like the total babe off those Wrangler ads when I shimmy my cheeky shorts down the street.. But nonetheless, every time I adorn my legs with these fine shorts I feel like I’m walking a fine line between realit...
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A Note on Nudity - Monday November 9


Whilst I'm all for a bit of cheeky short shorts action and I fully appreciate the wonderful feeling of swimming in the nude, some lines have to be drawn. I had the extreme pleasure of partaking in the Island Vibe reggae festival on North Stradbroke over the weekend. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this fes...
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Christmas - Friday November 6

So the telly didn't mention baby Jesus. It's been years since I've watched it and after a few minutes of bombardment, that familiar feeling crept over me… ah yes, the wanting. A better car will DEFINITELY make me happier. I will certainly buy my parents and friends big expensive Christmas gifts because obviously it will make them love me more.

Shiny, exciting, new and improved. Beca...
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Mo - Thursday November 5

I was delighted to find this splendid reminder of Movember attached to my fridge door this morning. I'm guessing you've heard that thick, fuzzy unruly facial hair is the New Black. And you must know that every girl, despite what she may say, is secretly dying to be nuzzled by a big hairy-faced man-beast. It's true.

I like to imagine boy-faces everywhere sprouting uncontrollably. Thousands...
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BLACK - Friday 6 November

Found out today that I have become a ‘That Guy’.

‘You know that guy. He’s that guy who comes in all the time and orders the same thing.’

‘You mean that guy?’

‘No. I mean that guy.’

‘Oh, yeah. I know that guy.’

It feels nice. Feels like I actually live somewhere. I’m starting to see how all of this works. Cool, a...
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FLAVOUR - Thursday 5 November

It’s delicious, soothing, fun, social, relaxing... but, and I’m talking to myself here too, every time you light one up, the man wins.

No matter how anti-establishment you are, when you light up a cigarette a fat old capitalist’s wallet gets a little heavier. We could be spending that money on art, food or funding the revolution.

Maybe after all these years, this will be th...
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KNOBS - Wednesday 4 November

Found an old CF card during the week. Shots I thought I’d lost.

Saw this in Tokyo. At the time I assumed it was some sort of nationalist, anti-foreigner protest. I got the signs translated and it turns out I was right.

Dunno what gave it away. Maybe the fat git bleeting red-faced into the megaphone. The store-bought military fatigues. The phoney-baloney armoured van – y&rsqu...
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TIP - Tuesday 3 November

Here’s a tip: Leave a tip.

In these harsh economic times it feels good to drop fifty cents on a waiter for a job well done. It’s like laughing a little in the face of adversity. ‘Ha ha! I have no money problems. I throw it away.’ There is an odd bravado to it. Makes you feel a little taller. Plus you get to make some poor schmuck’s day.

I wait tables and be...
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GRANT - Monday 2 November

The start of the week and already feelin good. Walked on down and saw ‘Bringing Up Baby’ at Cinemateque. Man, I love that place. You always leave feeling smarter.

My advice this week is to start watching old movies.

You know those Simpsons episodes from your childhood that you re-watch now and get to understand all the adult humour you missed the first time around? It’s lik...
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UNBALANCED - Friday 29 October

End of the week. It’s been unbalanced to say the least. Man! I nearly lost it there. I think I got it sorted though.
I’m going to the beach this weekend. I’m not going to drink and I’m gonna do some pushups. Gonna read a book and watch a Portugeuse horror flick. Gonna eat watermelon and look into my girlfriend’s eyes.

I’ve got six bucks in change and I recko...
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PAL - Thursday 28 October

Did my tax today. Got no money. Rent is due. Tooth hurts. Can’t afford a dentist. Whinge whinge whinge. God what a discombobulated week. Letting it all get ontop of me. Feels like a big, black iron ball on my back. I’m hobbling. Gotta remember to stand up straight. You know what I mean. It ain’t so bad. What’s the worst that’s gonna happen?I have to live off beans for...
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BOILING - Wednesday 27 October

I see the week so far heading down a very-self absorbed route. I gotta get back on track or I'm going to lose you all.

So here's an idea.

Next time someone gives you shit, yells ‘faaaaaag!’ at you out of a moving car window, looks your girlfriend up and down and snickers, insults your friends or leaves their phone on at the cinema… challenge them to a duel.

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GREEN - Tuesday 26 October

This here is Tuffy. He's a pet I used to look after but got of coz I a woefully neglectful parent.. Before that he was passed around like cigar at a buck's night between my two brothers and I. In the end his tank got so putrid that an animal loving contemporary dancer yelled at me over the state of it and I let her take him away. They say pets help you with tension an...
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NEVERMORE - Monday 26 October

I can tell I’m going to be haunted this week. The gloomy cloud of the ATO looms threateningly over me. The income is lean. Look at this tormentor here. I can’t even afford to be psychologically tortured by a raven above my chamber door. All I can seem to afford is a pigeon on a train-station light. Even my nightmares are undergoing budget-cuts. Yeesh.

FREE - Friday 23 October

I have a theory that certain words, phrases and terminolgy have purposefully, through a very clever form of social sabotage, had their meaning destroyed by 'the man' in order that the things that they stand for be reduced to the level of mockery.

For a quick example, many terms that we must use when speaking of, say, higher states of consciousness (i.e- transcendental, nirvana, heightened perce...
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QUE? - thursday 22 October

The week's perplexing absurdities continue when I am presented with this. Rainbow snail, anyone?

I feel like the universe is sending me a message.

The person who can most believably explain to me what this is (for I am truly, truly stumped) will receive a special bonus deluxe free gift from me.

EPIC pt2 - Wednesday 21 October

Middle of the week. Walking to work. Starting to limp again. I'm foggy and sick, but it's thinning. I can make out shapes in the haze.

I can't pretend today to give you anything I don't have. I don't have anything clever to observe. Nothing particularly loathsome to rail against. All I have the strength to muster is the sight of a dog on a pole, noble and galant at sunset. Steadfast and br...
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BLARE - Tuesday 20 October

The week has seen me sick as hell. Catatonic on the couch, orange juice carton in hand, head lolled back, my crusty, dead eyes soaking up four Friday the 13th films in a row. They kinda go down hill after part four, but you all knew that.

Blacked out during the day I can't sleep at night. Head full of satanic mucous I wander around the building. Across the city's silent, darkening sky-line I ca...
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MUSIC - Monday 19 October

Today's photo was actually taken by someone other than myself, which I guarantee is a first for The Week. I gave my friend Rose Tucker my camera as I had the total coolness of filming these guys with a video cam. This is Like Leaves and they will melt your brain if you're not careful. But it could be a good thing.

The Coopers Alive music extravaganza was on over the weekend (and this one coming...
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FAILURE - Friday 16 October

Near the end of the week Tomo, Merge's musclebound designer, tosses a pack of cigarettes at me and says, 'Here, take these.'

'You don't want them?', I ask, noting that the pack is two-thirds full.

'I don't want that shit.', he replies. Of course I understand.

The 'accidental pack' of poo-sticks. They turn up in our pockets from time to time after a late night out.

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90's - Thursday 15 October

Aaaaaah, the 90's. What an under-rated decade. Yet to have it's fashionable resurgence but it is a decade I remember fondly. Well, I'm only old enough for it to be the only decade I remember properly. My recollections of the eighties mostly involve collecting bugs and weeing my pants.

Nope, gimme the 1990s any old day. Sure there was recession (ahem...) and a war in the middle east (ahem!) but ...
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KUBRICK - Wednesday 14 October

Limping to work in the rain. My own damn fault. Got mad earlier in the week and stomped my foot like a goddamn four year old. Hobbling ever since. Lean against a street lamp. Looks like a conveyor belt to a space station. That'd be nice. Why didn't I catch the bus?

Oh, that's right... because I'm a moron. Oh well, these things happen.

MAE - Tuesday 13 October

Scanning the cinema pages during the week wondering where all the movie stars have gone. Where have the dames of the silver screen gone? Where are the women? Where are the 'sex symbols'? And I don't mean the children that appear in two summer blockbusters and an FHM shoot before signing a Pepsi endorsement.

This here is Mae West. Back in the 1930's she was the reigning queen of the ribald ...
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OPETH - Monday 12 October

Listening to a lot of metal lately. It's the start of the week and I'm playing Reign In Blood as loud as I can in my headphones first thing in the morning. Dimmu Borgir at lunch. Hatebreed before my evening shift.

Metal is so cinematic. It conjurs up incredible imagery. Makes you want to brandish your clamor aloft and gallop headfirst into battle. It really is cathartic you know. Guess tha...
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END - Friday 9 October

I'm trying to learn how to cool it. When to let things slide. When to allow myself to feel a moment of satisfaction. When and how to turn the high pressure off and... relax.

A weekend with no obligations awaits me. There are rumours of a BBQ. I promise myself I will try to be like this guy here. Have you ever seen anything so chilled?

Try to find a high spot this weekend. A rooftop, a...
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TAG - Thursday 8 October

It's confession time. I don't get tagging. Never have. I mean if you want to claim something as your own or mark your territory why don't you go all the way and just piss on stuff? Seriously. Whizz on that bus seat next time and then everyone can know it's yours.

There's such a stark difference between the person beautifying a dank alleyway with some amazingly intricate, colourful piece of spra...
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PURGE - Wednesday 7 October

Cleaning up my life during the week. Throwing away ancient memories like filing off caluses. Finally shedding myself of the dead weight that clutters my already too small flat. CDs long unplayed, videos rotting and notebooks curling. So quickly things become fossilized. This feels like trawling through a stranger’s property. The letters and photographs are the only things that hurt to ...
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FRIENDS - Tuesday 6 October

After the magnificent warmth of Sunday I find myself working at a certain outdoor music festival. I get off early. I want to check out a certain female grime-rapper from the UK. She killed it.

Not that any of the stooges there noticed. Again I choose my words carefully... c'mon Aaron, be poetic, be the zen master... screw it - what the fuck is wrong with everyone these days? Do people...
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CRANCHOR - Monday 5 October

This here isn't from Sunday's show, it's from Thursday. Those God God Dammit Dammit kids sure do get around. I'm not going to toss them off about how incredibly kick arse every show they play is or how they get energy going in a room that I had only heard of in older friend's tales of, say, Clowns of Decadence... or maybe I will. They don't seem to mind me blasting a flash in their face all t...
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CRANKER - Friday 2 October

I was eighteen before I ever went in but I feel like I grew up in the Crown and Anchor Hotel. Everything awesome that has happened to me has somehow related back to that place. Made friends. Met girlfriends. Discovered bands. Took my current girl there for what I consider our first proper date to see The Twits. I knew she was for me when she started jumping around as the naked man on sta...
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UNRELATED - Thursday 1 October

I've organised my time better during the week purely so I can get in more movie watching. It's been worth it.

If there's one thing I can't stand it's phoney-baloney 80's nostalgia. C'mon, He-Man is bollocks. I will say this though: they sure don't make super-entertaining, clever, smartly written, dramatic, hilarious mainstream crowdpleasers like they used to.

This week I watched Red Daw...
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DUD - Wednesday 30 September

Ever heard the theory of the dud? The idea is that in every relationship - be it familial, romantic or professional - one person or product will always be the dud.

The dud is usually too eccentric at the time to function properly. Everything that the prize brother/sister/partner does right, the dud gets just that little bit wrong.

In time though I have seen the dud rise to the top. It fluctu...
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SPOOKY - Tuesday 29 September

The city feels ominous tonight. Everything glows in a mist that doesn't seem to fit. Like a guest at a party that no one seems to know, the cold weather hangs about way past its welcome, refusing to take the hint.

It seems like every few days we get the phone call saying, "Dude, don't worry! Summer's on his way and he's bringing more beer!" But he hasn't turned up yet and Winter is ea...
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DERBY - Monday 28 September

I have never liked sports. It feels like a blind spot in my brain. 'Why do I have to chase that guy with the ball?', I remember thinking in year four football. 'Does it have candy inside that I can eat?'

First day of the week and I haul myself out of comfy comfy bed to go check the Roller Derby and I may have found a sport that I could get behind. I don't stay for long ...
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HIP - Friday 25 September

'Holy fuck man. This is like from when we were all partying in some house after some show and I got fucked up on red wine and nos and I ran out of cigarettes so I fuckin stole Mel's and she was like eat shit fag so I kicked in her amp then I lost my cardigan and thought about growing a moustache but whatever like I care anyway coz I've got this new MP3 of this band from li...
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VALIANT - Thursday 24 September

There's always one of these entries each week where I sit staring at my keyboard trying to froce out some words like a hard shit. Isn't that why you take a picture? Coz words won't cut it?

Don't you do something in a certain medium because that feels like the best way to communicate the idea? Isn't that why Hendrix played guitar instead of writing novels? Isn't that why Bill Hicks stayed with s...
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CHEESE - Wednesday 23 September

Oh, clumsily symbolic arrows painted on a manhole cover! Why thine mocking gaze?

Verily, I see that I must choose a path lest I be sucked into life's sewers below!

Forsooth! This analogy is dodgey!

But I have come to the week's crossroads burdened with fatigue and aching crown. My megre efforts, I beg, will have to fucking do.

Love you all.

EYE - Tuesday 22 September

Remember in, like, grade nine when you had that huge crush on the person in your class that you never, ever had the guts to actually talk to but when they walked into the room your whole day picked up? Every snatched glance at them sent hot flushes therough your whole torso. You'd circle the classes you had with them in your diary so you had something to look forward to. Thursday only had one. Thu...
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BALLS - Monday 21 September

See those big steel balls behind this kid? Those aren't really part of a public monument. They are this young man's ACTUAL BALLS. So huge and made of rock hard steel that he must keep them stacked behind him until the day mankind invents a pair of pants that can sustain their mighty sway.

You can find this Johnny Rotten The Baptist yelling down the sinners from his make-shift pulpit most F...
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SHITFACED - Friday 18 September

Well don't I feel like a total stooge? The end of the week and I'm tired, over-worked and really just in need of deep sleep so I can get to work the next day with a fresh brain that can fire on all six creative cylinders but I opt to get shitfaced on free beer instead.

True, a good time was had but the fact that I woke the next day and forgot half the work I had to do, did a...
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BROADS - Thursday 17 September

I've never had a type. I've dated tall, short, round, thin, blonde, brunette girls. Health nuts, chain smokers.

When I think about it though... they have all had one thing in common. Not a one of them was a lady. No wilting violets for Aaron.

Gimme a girl that orders a steak. Gimme a girl with a honking laugh that hurts the ears. Gimme a girl that can drink me under the table and eat a ...
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ALLEGORY - Wednesday 16 September

This is what will happen to all of us if we don't take care of the planet. It's up to each one of us to make our own little contribution and speak to our local communities...

I'm kidding. The planet will be fine. We are a pimple on its arse and it'll forget we were ever here. I just like taking photos of dead bugs. Fuck you too.

HMF! - Tuesday 15 September

I've got it all planned out: If I ever get around to having kids I'm gonna wear King Gee shorts with high socks and sandles when I pick my teenage sons up from school. I'm gonna hug them in front of their friends and refer to them as The Gang. When they have pals over I'm gonna play them Dude Ranch and rant about how 'They don't make music like this any more!'

When I'm an old man I can't w...
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RAPTURE - Monday 14 September

Ho-lee fuckin shit do I love watermelon. I adore it in a way that seriously borders on fetishistic. Nothing nothing nothing satisfies me like watermelon. The perfect hangover cure. Delicious, refreshing summer treat. Fills you up. Cleans you out. All year round, when friends let you down, watermelon will be there. It's like eating placenta.

It's coming up on proper watermelon season. ...
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YONDER - Friday 11 September

As far as I am concerned this can not arrive fast enough.

Lying on my back in the water everything drifts away and the comforting clarity comes to me reminding me of how insignificant I am. The ocean rolls up and down and slaps at the shore whether I am here or not.

When our species is long dead and gone the ocean will still move in it's tides and it will not remember us. One day we wil...
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CREW - Thursday 10 September

Stav, Matt, Rose, Annalisa, Dylan... five people I owe a beer to. I've got the come down in a big way. Good people. Good times.

ONANISM - Wednesday 9 September

Middle of the week and I'm pulling the curtains shut. I got a Doctor Pepper and an ice-cream and I'm gonna treat myself right. A few hours till work. Reckon I can squeeze two movies in if I get started right away. Pretend I've got nowhere to be. Pretend I've got nothing else to do. Some days I need this. Some days this is okay.

ETHNIC - Tuesday 8 September

Here we go. It's time to talk about it then put it in a box and fire it back through time to where it belongs, on the pile of obsolete redundancies alongside witch-burning, DDT and Limp Bizkit.

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about the way people talk about their own or other people's ethnicities like they mean any little thing at all. It seems to crop up all the time... the phra...
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CANDICE - Monday 7 September

She ate her first dumpling tonight with fumbling chop-stick skills. Youth-work volunteer, singer/song-writer with big heart, sharp mind and honest soul who'll clean fake blood from my walls and then jam at the Grace. Washed the dishes too. We show her round this burg and catch a small glimpse of it through her eyes. It's a long way from Lismore. It's a big ol' country that's for sure. Seems there'...
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PROG - Friday 4 September

Never cared to play an instrument but at the end of the week I get the closest to jamming I have ever got. Clashing lenses, careening flashes, wicked jams. Good times.

Have a good weekend and once again... do some stuff. I dares ya.

SQUAAAAAARK - Thursday 3 September

An eighty year old pink bird is the roughest, toughest badass in Adelaide. I mean, if this guy could walk into a pub you'd buy him a shot and a pint and ask to shake his hand. Takes on three dude's and is back chillin on one leg within the fortnight.

It's nearly the end of the week. You'll get by. You're doin' alright.

CYCLE - Wednesday 2 September

An oldie today. The week has been busy.

The Christmas pageant. Did you know we are the only city in the world that has one? They televise it all over the world. Wicked.

The only time I ever got in trouble with the cops was for weeing in an alley at night. It was mildly embarrassing. How have I gotten so far through my twenties without a good confrontation-with-the-police story? Kinda bums me...
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HIM - Tuesday 1 September

Over to you, Cormac McCarthy....

'Do you think your fathers are watching? That they weigh you in their ledgerbook?
Against what? There is no book and your fathers are dead in the ground.'

Go read The Road.

POP - Monday 31 August

One beautiful June morning cupping warm tea and watching fog swim silently through a valley of natural reserve three friends share a wonderful silence. Sleepy eyes and fuzzy grins. Calm at dawn. Moved to say something, one speaks.

'Looks just like a Nescafe ad.'

The two others, suddenly deflated turn on him. 'Way to suck the beauty out of the moment, Aaron.'

An entire generation raped by ...
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FRIDGE - Friday 28 August

Busy city this morning and the sun's barely up. Long day ahead. Many things to accomplish. Many holes to fill. Must try to finish the book I'm reading. Hope I can get breakfast soon. I feel fond towards you today. You seem alright.

Do some stuff.

Go on.

I dare ya.

NAZZ - Thursday 27 August

Atop a towering spire near the end of the week I spot a bright red pair of legs strutting. How is it that I know the owner of these pants in a heartbeat? So singular is that gait. So unique the slinky crawl.

How can one man possess so much swagger as to communicate his identity 12 floors up to another dude casually gazing out a window? What strange pod sprung forth this elfish scamp?

My poi...
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JARMUSCH - Wednesday 26 August

You know what? It's the middle of the week and I feel the need to explain this. Some stuff just looks good in black and white. Uh... do some sit-ups before bed. You'll feel great.

Over and out..

LUCKY - Tuesday 25 August

Ever step on a snail walking home in the dark? Nothing makes me instantly sadder.

A near miss early in the week sees this guy carry on across miles of jagged, hateful, black bitumen oblivious to his near meeting with TUK undersole inflicted destruction. Someone grasping for bleak existential meaning might equate this moment with the futility of daily human experience, doncha think? Or, someone ...
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END - Monday 24 August

Carrying a week's wages worth of black and white check vinyl flooring home from Bunnings at the start of the week and I walk smack into a Johnny Cash tune. 'Ba-bom ba-bom-bom bom... the railroad runs past the cemetary gates... weighed down with lino coz I ain't got a car... ba-bom bom bom.'

This boads well for the rest of the week. Must buy more black t-shirts.

STOP... - Friday 21 August

... Hammer time!

Aah, c'mon it's the end of the week. Waddaya want from me?

PALACE - Thursday 20 August

Went to the movies today. Saw a flick that left me boneless and unable to move from drooling, ecstatic rapture. Torn from my body and flung through a fever-dream of emotional hyperactivity I bore the living shit out of my girlfriend for close to an hour afterwards with rambling explanations of every detail of the film's genius. I was impacted. Provoked. Startled. It was goddamned religious. I get ...
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DAPPER - Wednesday August 19

In the middle of the week I see the very personification of the salesman ethos of 'if you look like you don't need the money, people will give you the money'. This dude could teach Rundle Mall's other buskers a thing or two. Imagine if that beat-box guy actually wore some fly shit instead of ice-coffee stained trackies. Or if that amaaaa-zing jazz guitarist with the honey voice to make Chris ...
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PIGEON - Tuesday August 18

The week is turning into a weird one. A scavenger bird high up in a hole. I know how you feel, pal. My friend gave me a big handful of American money the other day and I got really excited. Like someone had brought unicorn horns back from Narnia. What the hell is wrong with me?

FIRE - Monday August 17

"When did I get... old?.. no, that can't be it. I was always the ghoul at these sort of gigs, right? They're all so... fresh and... good god! They're dancing! Is that... leaping Jesus, they are SMILING at the same time as they are dancing! This place is awesome!"

It's sometimes odd to see folks you know from everyday life be exalted upon a stage as rock stars and screamed over by...
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SHRINE - Friday August 14

Above the bar of a pub a lot of you will drink at during the week hangs what is possibly my favourite photograph.

See there on the left, half-obscured. You know who that is. If you know the man you will know by his hair that this shot was taken at the height of his popularity.

Caught so candidly, as nearly anonymous amongst the rest of us but see how sneaky, how timid, the shutterbug was: cl...
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TOONTOWN - Thursday August 13

No rant today. No glib observation. No whimsical musing. I just like the way Adelaide alleys look at night. This one in particular has no correct right angles. Stop and look at stuff. It's worth it.

The Week.

ART - Wednesday August 12

In a driveway off James Place a thin man crouches and with great focus, scribes on the cement with chalk. People walk to and fro, finding anything to look at, the way one will stoicly ignore a fart in a crowded elevator. I venture back after dark, once the man has surely left, to see what this dominating personality had left for the world to read.

This is what I find along with a six foot ...
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SHAMAN - Tuesday August 11

My night was all set: Pizza, Mystic River on DVD and a fat slice of watermelon to follow. A text tells me to get to the Ex coz Dan Varrechio is playing. Aware of what a flaming hypocrite I would be if I pulled up the quilt and made an excuse I throw on pants and stroll on down.

Winning my vote for Adelaide's sexiest man, Dan V makes love to a guitar like no one I have every seen. Seri...
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JESS - Monday August 10

My brother Jesse bought a tattoo gun and after two weeks of practising on orange peels decided he was confident enough to lay this slab of pure awesomeness down on his leg. Existing somewhere between the sometimes cringe-worthy earnestness of my 'Laziness Means Death' tattoo and the throw-away conformity of everyone else's Swallows-Across-The-Collarbone-Koi-Fish-Down-The-Bicep-Flaming-Dice bullshi...
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DOME - Friday August 7, 11:00am

The end of the week and stuck inside. Looking through old photos as I procrastinate.

Across the globe is a city so like our own that this feels relevant. After catching a tram much like ours to a riverfront much like ours I stand under the remains of a building that could have once been like one of ours. The bomb went off 600 metres right above it. The trajectory of the blast destroye...
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BOOHOO - Thursday August 6, 2:00pm

The week is sure turning into an oddly whimsical one. The universe seems to be throwing me reasons to curb the vitriol of last week's posts. Hats in trees, joyous statues... now... you've got to be kidding. An orange balloon floating across a clear blue sky. Somewhere a small child is crying but it sure does cheer me up to watch this orange bird escape.

Weeeee - Wednesday August 5, 10:35am

Man, this thing used to terrify me as a kid. What once was a goblin in my infant eyes I now see is a girl sliding down a slippery dip. Thanks to whoever covered her in silly-string during the week. I would have continued fearfully avoiding eye contact with it otherwise.

WTO - Tuesday August 4, 7:30pm

Early in the week the boys (Josh and Owen) call a meeting. This was the roundtable discussion for the progression of the city council's youth policy. Like the World Trade Organisation but nice. Well played by most.

WOOLY - Monday August 3, 9:30am

The week starts to get warm. I imagine an urban hippy shaking his blonde dreads free and flinging his woolen skull-cap into the air in celebration then spending fifteen minutes staring at it stuck in this tree. Maybe it's my recent decision to switch from coffee to lemon and honey first thing in the morning but things feel a whole lot sillier already.

TV - Friday July 31, 10:30am

A television smashed and abandoned in a side alley at the end of the week. The optimist in me hopes this is the start of a trend. I mean, really... Master Chef? Really? So You Think You Can Dance? You do realise you'll be dead one day, right? Proper dead. You don't get to come back and have a second go. Just a thought.

AAAW - Thursday July 30, 2:30pm

Nearly the end of the week and I get a little cheer. Can you tell what that is? It's hard to see, I know, coz it's written in biro. If you're gonna tag stuff I'd much rather it be a declaration of menage a trois bliss.

COUGAR - Wednesday July 29, 9:25am

He got named The Cougar because of his long blonde hair and penchant for practising martial arts with a large stick. He lived in the doorway at the back of the alley behind our studio. He would scream at all hours of the night about Italian men ripping him off, Kylie Minogue stealing his dance moves and the things he was going to do to his enemies genitals. He covered the alley walls in biro hyrog...
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STORM - Tuesday July 28, 10:30am

Everything looks epic across city rooftops. Early in the week and I can't believe that I'm taking photos of the weather. I do apologise but I used to love winter. Grey skies, crunchy brown leaves lining the street, rugging up in a scarf and strolling the avenues deep in thought. I used to feel smarter in winter. Now I just feel cold and full of hate. I'm sick of this town's hybernative winter...
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BEAST - Monday July 27, 7:10am

The start of the week is spent lying in the rain, mud and sheep-shit, covered only in rubber latex and a liberal sprinkling of live maggots that burrow into my bellybutton. The sheep there are amused.

WONG KAR WAI - Friday July 24, 3am

Nothing profound to say at the end of the week. It's been nice in the suburbs, although I only seem to be here at night. Looks like a shot from Chungking Express tonight.

LIES - Thursday July 23, 7:45pm

Near the end of the week and I remember something odd. When I was about eight I asked my dad what was up in this tower. He told me the archbishop lived up there. I always pictured a lonely old man in a hat and robe sitting on a throne all by himself in a cold, dark room, waiting for someone to visit.

OMA - Wednesday July 22, 7:30pm

A rare family do in the middle of the week. My Oma's 55th year in Australia. This is her at 21. She used to work rolling cigars for Nazis. Actual Nazis! At the canning factory she worked at a young boy got sucked into the machinery and ground up. When the Americans occupied her village after the war they lined up every male over sixteen in the main street and straight executed every second one. Ju...
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QUITE NICE - Tuesday July 21, 6-ish pm

I've only got the week left in the burbs so indulge me with this pretty sunset shot. Sometimes things look nice and that is enough.

ROT - Monday July 20, 3pm

Well, we can think of better ways to start the week. But, heck, what have you got to say about this? Christ's chin! Grandad's week old socks that covered his elephantine, booze caused, gout-riddled plates o' meat, smelled moderately better on a warm summers evening.
Which reminds me, must drop by the butchers and pick up the sausages on the way home.

WALKIN - Friday July 17, 1:45am

Getting close to the end of the week and my second week in the suburbs. Sure is quiet out here. Sure is beautiful at night with the fog sitting silently under soft street lights. Even when it's freezing and your shoes are wet and you're thinking about how warm your bed is, stop for a second and breath that cold air in deep. Turn a full 360 degrees and feel that heavy silence as you realise you may...
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MACGYVER - Thursday July 16, 10:30am

Clearly this man has the funnest job of the week. He's checking for cracks in building tiles. He's also four and a half stories above solid bitumen. Yes, that is a school chair he has made into a harness. Cooler than anything I'm going to do today.

GREEN DOOR - Wednesday July 15, 10:45pm

The middle of the week again. All I seem to know at the moment are cold, rainy nights lit green and yellow. At least it looks pretty. The customers at work are nicer this week. I guess all the douchebags stay at home re-watching Family Guy and eating Tim Tams during cold weather.

STEAM - Tuesday July 14, 8:30am

The week has been so chilly even the fences are breathing steam. The suburbs seem a lot colder than the city. That is probably a good thing.

FOOTBALL DUCK - Monday July 13, 7:45pm

Monday night and already the week has been a long one. Good thing this quasi-Dali image crosses my path. I am tempted to try kick it for a goal but that would be a horrible thing to do. Also, the duck would  most definately out-smart me.

HOBBITS - Friday July 10, 11:30pm

The week ends with a spontaneous journey through suburban labyrinths transformed. Three of the strangest creatures I have ever known beckon me down cinematic streets and frost-bitten parklands. Hilarity ensues.

SOLDIERS - Thursday July 9, 7:50pm

Walking to work once more in the middle of the week. I pass this all the time but for some reason it hits me tonight and I pop off a shot. I have no idea what war is like. Chances are I'll never know. I walk through this parade ground several times a week though on my way to serve people desert. I can't quite articulate why that depresses me tonight.

EMPTY - Wednesday July 8, 2:00pm

A lot of empty shops out in the 'burbs. Poster-plastered storefronts scattered up and down main roads. In the middle of the week it's pouring rain and this old man stares into an old chip shop.

I WISH I'D LEARNED LIKE THIS - Tuesday July 7, 9:35am

Early on in the week I see this at a suburban newsagent. Why didn't I learn to go potty whilst sliding down a snow-bank? Truly I was deprived.

THE BURBS - Monday July 6, 8:30am

House sitting in the suburbs for the week. Newspapers in letterboxes. Front lawns. Dog's barking. Sigh.

CHUDS - Friday July 3

So technically this happened on Saturday but the party started on Friday... Seemingly for our amusement at the end of the week the sewer across the road decided to burst before our very eyes and fill the street with muddy, metallic water. Peter had to swim for his bike. Hilarious.

Smokestack 2 - Thursday July 2, 11:35am

Nearly the end of the week again and there's some sunlight finally. It gives a nice backlight to shoot this flaming cigarette bin. Truly thar be no stench more foul than that of a public cigarette bin on fire. And plese don't think I'm squeemish of the old 'baccy. I'll stand down wind from smokers some days just to get a wiff but good god if a fistful of filters caught on fire doesn't set my gut s...
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Smokestack - Wednesday July 1, 7:35pm

Walking to work in the middle of the week... why did I never notice this before? Decaying 80's public art spewing smoke into the sky. Does anyone know what they are burning in there? Is it a vent from the enoumrous saunas under parliament house where the pollies spend their evenings sitting around in towels discussing matters of government?

Headlights - Tuesday June 30, 9:45pm

The week is still freezing and I still only seem to wander around at night. You have to admit that street lights look pretty dazzling some nights blinking back up warped from the puddles of greasy rain.

Time to break out the knitwear - Monday June 29, 8:35pm

I don't know what it is like where you live but it is icicles here in the city during the week. Several layers just dont cut it. Maybe that's because I don't get this lady to make my sweaters.

RIP - Friday June 26

The end of the week and the end of an extraordinary life. Sure he went nuts and was inappropriate with some boys but holy shit if Thriller isn't an amazing album.

Government House Nose - Thursday June 25

I remember when this was a big deal. People used to wear them to work and on the front of their cars. What happened to that? When did we get so conservative as to only wear nice discreet charity ribbons? What's the factory that makes these things like anyway? What do they make the rest of the year? And what's the deal with airline peanuts? The Week.

Awoogah - Wednesday June 24

Sometimes the universe just spices up the week with a little sprinkle of awesomness. I thought trucks like this only existed in Chuck Jones cartoons.

Slicker - Tuesday June 23

I know it's the post-post-whatever age but some stuff is just primal. Deep into the night in the middle of the week this guy digs up the footpath while the rain pelts and the wind throws razors at him. That's man's work right there. Next time you rag a council worker for appearing lazy think about this Alpha-dog, then look at your own puny little arms and shut the hell up.

Missing - Monday June 22

The week begins in stunned silence. The cacophony of the morning markets drowns out, replaced only by the sound in my mind of a felt pen writing on paper, an old man wiping tears. Amongst flyers for organic grains and fruits - a sign: 'Help me find my missing daughter'

Mike - Friday June 19

The week draws to a close with me sitting in my flat with the blinds drawn, trying to drown out the clattering street noise by listening to Coerce's Silver Tongued Life Licker over and over again. It's good. It's messy. And nothing will be as cool to photograph today as these guys playing last Friday. So here you go.

End Times - Thursday June 18

"Dude, you have to run outside right now! It looks like the apocalypse!' Nearly the end of the week and for a ten-minute window today I got to feel like I was living in an early-2000's Michael Bay film. The light looked like fire.

That big sports stadium. - Wednesday June 17

The eye of Sauron? One of those Tripods from War of the Worlds? When you're walking knackered to work in the middle of the week, even a sports stadium can look beautiful at night.

Whatever gets you through the day.- Tuesday June 16

Through an office window on Peel street I spot a staggering display of 'V' cans. How many of these does it take to get this guy through the week?

Victoria Square bus stop - Monday June 15

The week begins with a vision of my future. A dapper old man at the bus stop. I really should get my driver's licence.

Friday 12/6, 11.30am

Friday 11/6, 11.30am. When you walk past here at night you can hear them screaming in the darkness.

Thursday 11/6, 2pm

Thursday 11/6, 2pm. Some of these are just for me. A sailor’s hat and a nautical window cause me to grin. As the city becomes a grid of glass boxes, amusing windows should be taken advantage of.

Wednesday 10/6, 2.45pm

Wednesday 10/6, 2.45pm. This guy lands and watches me work for about an hour. It occurs to me that I haven’t seen a fly in a while.

Tuesday 9/6, 10.30am

Tuesday 9/6, 10.30am. The coffee at Bean Bar is hot and strong and really big. The girls that work there play early Green Day albums all day and are Vans-Warped-Tour-1996-style super-cute. I am too embarrassed to tell them this.

Monday 8/6, 3am

Monday 8/6, 3am.  For some of you the cock crows. For others the sound of laughing children on their way to school. Maybe some of you even have alarms that turn the easy-listening radio station on to help you ease out of bed into the day. I have these malevolent beasts three times a night Monday to Friday. It makes for interesting dreams.

Friday May 29

The new look The week, 
Today Merge was spotted flying off racks everywhere across the city.. Sweeeet!
Josh, spotted a bicycle that made him tingle.

Plans are afoot for a July cover of Merge. " A cover so cunning, you could wrap a towel around its head and call it a weasel... my liege".

Date to be set and those in the know invited to watch the spectacle unfold.