Ornamental [at] Irving Baby

Within seconds of walking up the steps to Irving Baby for the Ornamental charity event, we were asked for our photo for the social pages. Of course we consented. Being a social photographer, in my opinion, sucks. So rather than bother the handfull of people who were there, I piked out and took photos of the beautiful, intricate and sometimes hilarious ornaments on the bandaged tree.

If you're looking for a christmas gift, or anyhting unique to put on your tree at home, you MUST check out the tree at Irving Baby, 83 Hindley Street.

Read this description for Chris Edser's "Star Humbug" (photo: 6)

"Star Humbug hates you
and wishes you no cheer.
He definitely took the three wise men
the long way when guiding them to Bethlehem."