Mural artwork at Luna Loca

Watch out poptarts! There's a new bar on the block and her name is Luna Loca! Located at 26 Orchid Avenue Surfers Paradise, she's beautiful, infectious and sure to melt a few hearts. If the graff work on the walls doesn't already stop you in your tracks the second you step through the doors,  you will absolutely die when you spy the cocktail menu. For those indecisive kiddies I suggest you go straight for a marmalade martini (word on the sly- ask Simon to make it) they are dead set AH-MAZING!

Culture and music are the name of the game, keep an eye out because Carl the and the rest of the team at Luna, plan on shaking up the usual trash scene, and creating something you've never experienced before.

Comida, Bebere, Baile - Eat, drink, dance and enjoy. Live bands are a-comin'. Thursday nights salsa night. - Mirada, Mirada. get your dancing movers on and start Salsa, Stylin'.
Luna Loca opened in Surfers Paradise, with a different feel.

With booths and chicos, chicanas, cars and tattoos artwork on the walls the joint oozes the ability to have fun with a small group in a booth or mix it up on the floor. In some cases light and breezy through to darker overtones some of the artwork is very detailed, but always vibrant, and fun.  (Click on the images and click through them to check 'em out. You can expand the images and unleash the glory!)