Democracy Darling - Summer Hols


Over the summer, our top politicians have two full god-damn months off from Parliament. So what are
they getting up to in lieu of running the country? We think we might know...

1. Kevin Rudd: Unleash a year's worth of pent up rage on the streets of downtown Tokyo 2. Steve Fielding: Continue stoic stance on climate change
3. Nick Xenophon: Plan the next long-awaited zany stunt 4. Malcolm Turnbull: Attempt to boost popularity by cooking up a catchphrase
5. Philip Ruddock: Return to the crypt to rest for two months 6. Brendan Nelson: Continue the slow slide into obscurity
7. Julia Gillard: Continue to prop up the Australian pants-suit industry 8. Helen Coonan: Try to work out what the "Internet" is
9. Baste with butter and rotate slowly until tender.