Benjamin Reeve

Art of Benjamin Reeve -  Celebrity Mugshots.

He’s as comfortable on the street with a spray can as he is with a paint brush and oils in a studio. His canvases range from paper, wood or linen, to the deck of a skateboard, or the side of a Brisbane city train. Boasting a string of exciting jobs including graffiti artist, mentor, DJ, Japanese toy designer, scenic artist and prop maker; he’s worked on Australian films, Hollywood blockbusters and recently the Dr Who television series. With a degree in Visual Arts and a Masters in Creative Advertising, his home is decorated with amazing paintings, sculptures, toys, and the biggest collection of vinyl records I’ve ever seen (in your face, Valley Markets!). He’s also a very friendly and down to earth guy - he is Benjamin Reeve. I caught up with him to learn about the man behind the awesome CV.

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edward furlong
shia labeouf
lindsay lohan
heather locklear
mischa barton
nicole richie
paris hilton
robert downey jr.