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MERGE FEB 10 - out Thur 28 Jan.

This month in Merge we ask what the world will look like if the newspaper disappears; we check out the awesome Renew Adelaide project, tell you all about local indie music, chat with local arteest Annika Evans, ask what the year holds for Federal politics (a grasshopper creature from space), give you all the latest style, music and movies you need - all that plus a stack more.

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MERGE DEC/JAN 09 - out Friday 27 Nov.

feat. Thom Buchanan, cover art by Monseigneur Daniel Withey, cut-out fashion spread, Christmas/ Festivus gift guide, hot hot hot summer date spots, Paranormal Activity, make-it-yo-damn-self furniture, & Joe Hockey greased up on a spit, rotating slowly. All that and stacks of slacks more!

Merge is bringing together the talented folk with creative spirit and appetite in both Adelaide and on the Gold Coast. Separate magazines with the same name, and the same purpose, to bring the best of the location to you, showcasing all the unique creative local hotspots and emerging talent .

So if you're having trouble finding this edish, here's the go: We distribute Merge with special care to make sure our fave stores always keep well stocked up. So if you're Mergeless and weeping gently, dry those eyes and try:

Find Out Some Of The Distribution Locations
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