Heartbreaker - L'arnacoeur : Film


IFC Films released French filmmaker Pascal Chaumeil's film Heartbreaker (L'arnacoeur) starring Romain Duris and the glorious and natural Vanessa Paradis, (partner of revered 1990’s actor Johnny Depp, the lucky lad).

The story takes place in the second smallest country in the world,  Monaco and centers around Alex, his sister, and her husband, who professionally break up relationships.

Heartbreaker is seductive little "mission impossible", cocking a snook at some of the romantic clichés we endure on the screen from lesser offerings. Even with some Eddie Murphy'esque crying faces, the humour runs through and the key ingredients are spot on - a stylish Monaco setting, the recipe for lead characters as predictably likeable rogues, add a drizzle of romantic wooing love interest, and a well seasoned conclusion and you'll come out feeling nourished and all round plumply satisfied.. All in all, a chuckle-along little charmer and heart warmer.