Free Legitimate Music - Look out iTunes, move over Warez and Torrents


Guvera has spent several years negotiating rights all around the world and designing this new system to make music free by having advertisers pay for your downloads.

Save making shapes till later, scour and source your music download on the iPizzle, Guvera has more tunes than the worst iPodADD sufferer could ever get through.

As an added bonus they've have removed the very concept of "Disruptive Advertising" and replaced it with "Engagement Advertising"...

What that means to you and me is they have removed the white noise of irrelevant crap being thrown at us - and now we only see brands that are actually speaking to us in the language we like or want, by using the simple currency of aural nectar and goodness that helps cultures develop and the world spin.

guvera - free music
If you're anything like us, you'll quickly come to kinda like Guvera -

Step. 1 Find the brands that will pay for each piece of music you search for, (sweet!) then you visit their channel and discover a whole bunch of other music that may be interesting...

Step 2. Strangely you'll find yourself just channel hopping, to discover new music, all the while not being interrupted by ads you can't click past.  Drag and drop and stream the tunes while your searching. Be the music.

guvera - free music available now

Best yet, all those artists that create all this aural nectar and goodness that you can start greedily downloading and storing, (we are all to far too good to have been pirating!), will be paid in full for the inspiration they make for all of us.

And if that's not cool enough according to our sources at Guvera, film & TV isn't too far behind. Nice? Dig it the most?
Merge channel coming in a few days... So tell us what artists and tracks you want.