Last Walk Around Mirror Lake - by Boom Bip and remixed by Boards of Canada


Last Walk Around Mirror Lake - Boom Bip (Boards of Canada Remix)

Not necessarily the normal merge material but thrill seekers, armchair critiques alike can't deny the quality of the film footage is sensational and the ride is just mesmeriszing.

Adrenaline Rush-The Science of Risk is more than a thrilling visual experience. The film educates audiences on the psychological and physiological forces that are at play in extreme risk-taking and on the physics involved in skydiving, base-jumping and their related activities. But for most of us, it just creates an absolutely stunning back drop of some of the most beautiful places on the planet.


For more almost thirty years Blue Sky have been filming action adventures and aerials around the globe.
From the fast jets of the Swedish Air Force, to the steep slopes of Mount Everest, and the remote location of Antarctica, meeting every challenge with a film camera.

Adrenaline Rush was produced by Sky High Entertainment, Canada, in association with Blue Sky AB

This footage and the entire film is arrestingly breathtaking and beautifully shot. This is a music video for the song ”Last Walk Around Mirror Lake” by Boom Bip and remixed by Boards of Canada  made by FroschYankee with scenes from the movie Adrenaline Rush- The Science of Risk.