Tame Impala’s debut release is much like the Christmas decorations currently haunting the disorganised in retail outlets around town: premature, much hyped, but yet still worthy of excitement. Despite somewhat unfairly being heralded as “the new Wolfmother” due to their nostalgic sound and signing to Modular, these three young lads from Perth show an originality and depth of sound and texture that Wolfmother sorely lacked.
First single Desire Be Desire Go is the catchiest of the five tracks on offer, while the dense layers in the simple guitar, bass and drums set up such as in Half Full Glass Of Wine and Slide Through My Fingers both showcase the strong instrumentation of the band. There’s no doubting these boys have talent, and a beautifully crafted cover of Bluebird’s Remember Me during their recent opening slot for You Am I was evidence of Tame Impala’s strong sense of musicality. Their sound may need maturing, but their unrelenting tour schedule and festival appearances this summer will see them get plenty of practice. - Red Paint