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Merge MagazineMerge magazine is part of the larger network. With an online community, SpecialistPress Interactive can assist you in communicating and enhancing relationships with your target audience.   Make your advertising count.

Why are we so unique? Because no other magazine engages readers to the level that they contribute to making the magazine. Don't take our word for it, check the video below... This Merge cover for Adelaide's Merge, continues to be a beacon in Adelaide; Conceived by the editors, co-ordinated by Merge. But....Made for our editors.... by readers. Filmed by ... our readers, video-edited... by our readers. 

When you advertise, you'll find our audience don't just read Merge... They join it!  Be a part of it.

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More information about advertising in Merge magazine or on the web site,  may be found here.

Merge readers profile defined
Advertising mechanical specification
Build Brands, Reach Customers, Market Insights, Drive Transactions (below on this page)
See a video of readers interacting and engaging with Merge
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Below is a sample of the solutions Specialist Media Interactive is experienced in offering:

Marketing Objective
Examples of Specialist Press Interactive solutions
Build brand
Generate brand awareness
Create brand preference
Increase brand loyalty
Specialist Media Interactive can
introduce and expose your brand to the most vocal conscientious consumers
Large format online ads
Homepage promotions
Dedicated advertising features
Sponsorship of key
Merge Magazine
content sections
Reach customers
Acquire new consumers
Create deeper relationships with your target audience
New consumers
Reactivate lapsed consumers
Engage in  deeper relationships with consumers
Competitions, and
Targeting by demographic, geographic,
Brand interaction with Merge online communities
Market insights
Understand consumer attitudes/behaviours
Insights into consumer purchasing trends
SpecialistPress Interactive's expertise in publishing and online campaign analysis, combined with our customers, help you understand and research conscientious consumer purchasing behaviour.
Online research surveys and polls Focus groups
Access SpecialistPress Interactive expertise on conscientious consumer purchasing behaviour.
Drive transactions
Increase sales frequency
Increase sales value
Reduce cost of selling
Using a call to action promotion, SpecialistPress Interactive can assist you to maximise sales.
Online call to action campaigns
Online SMS campaigns

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