About us


About the magazine

'Merge' is an Australian magazine covering social and political topics in Adelaide, and extending to the issues for young Australia.  Through collaboration with the best of talensts Merge covers topics in art, music, fashion, creative writing and the general creative culture in Australia.

Adversity breeds opportunity and dedicated to raising the bar for street or free press, the production values and investment in Merge magazine increases, whilst other publishers focus on cutting costs which can only negatively affect quality.

Connecting like minded people and cultivating meaningful dialogue between creative folk in Adelaide, Merge unites, engages and galvanises young entrepreneurial spirits to push for, enjoy and realise the best they can be.

Merge is available in whichever format readers have an appetite for, from the magazine's heavy-stocked website, digital magazine, email database through to the premium quality, full-colour, high-gloss publication.  

Merge is hungrily sought after by an eager and influential Gen- Y demographic of creative 20-somethings. Much more than disposable pulp, Merge is picked up once and kept for a lifetime.

Merge is the ONLY guide to creative living in Adelaide.  Merge is dedicated to developing and supporting the future growth of a young and vibrant inner-city-population. People that LIVE in a city inevitably SHOP, EAT and GO OUT in the city each and every day.

Merge collaborates with motivated locals to create an essential monthly magazine that not only echoes and supports, but significantly influences our reader’s values and beliefs.

Merge provides social currency. Reaching into, sharing  and collectively influencing the minds of the most interesting and engaging people in the city of Adelaide.

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About the Team

Local to Adelaide and very much a local influencer, Joshua Fanning has experience and a strong community emphasis in ethical and youthful editorial reportage. With a Do-It-Yourself activist bent, Joshua initially worked contracted to ABC news radio, moved to community radio national current affairs program: The Wire .

Formerly Joshua spent 5 years as youth representative on Adelaide's committee of Caritas Australia, a charitable NGO focusing on International community development.

Editor, illustrator and journalist Owen Lindsay, emphasises the importance of a topical, pertinent cartoon. Double degrees in Journalism and International studies from University of South Australia Owen also worked for 'The Wire'.

About the Publisher

Owner of Specialist Press, Adrian Jenkins, rounded up a kit bag and headed to Australia in 1997 with the clothes he stood up in, like Dick Whittington heading off to London. 

Adrian founded and owned AJB Publishing until selling to Haymarket Media in 2004.  An achiever in Australia's 'Specialist Press' landscape and runner up in Telstra's National Business awards 2003/4 , sits on the boards of several companies.
Adrian takes a simple view, there are three types of people in this world:-
those that make things happen,
those that watch things happen and
those that wondered what happened. 

~ Act on your beliefs ~

Simplest rules for success.
Have clarity of purpose,
Innovate don't emulate. 
Keep the enthusiasm and passion of an amateur and work only with professionals - Saves Time. Saves Money.

Merge's current direction, format and success happened after overhearing a soundbite of desired purpose from Josh and Owen's vision for Adelaide's press - directing and acting on it.